Best 3D printer for beginners in India under 20000 & 30000

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Cheapest and Best 3D printer for beginners in India

This blog will clear all your doubts about 3D printers, Read full article to know

There are a lot of different 3d printers out there and for somebody  that’s just getting started with 3d  printing it can be a little confusing trying to figure out which is the best  printer for them. We will try to help you out with finding the best 3d printers for beginners in India.

This list is according to rates and ratings from various shopping sites and from lower cost to higher cost available.

  1. WOL3D UPGRADED Creality Ender 3
  2. Makerbricks I3C 3D Printer
  3. Idea Imagine Create Print Creality Ender-3 UPGRADED
  4. Three (3) IDEA Creality DIY Kit 3D Printer
  5. 3IDEA Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer
  6. Flashforge Finder 3d printer by WOL3D

There are a lot of different 3d  printers out there and for somebody  that’s just getting started with 3d  printing it can be a little confusing trying to figure out which is the best  printer for them.

Before looking for the best 3d printers for beginners. Lets talk about what to look for in a printer.

There are two different types of beginners that are looking for a printer.

There’s one that really doesn’t know anything about 3d printing and they  just need a tool that can get the job done.

First are ones for those who say this is a tool that helps solve some sort of manufacturing problem whether it’s prototyping or small-scale business or jigs and fixtures on a manufacturing line it’s something that is filling a toolset and somebody’s workshop.

There’s the other type where they’re just interested in 3d printing may be they’ve  read about it they’ve watched videos on  it and they’re finally ready to buy a 3d printer but it’s not  really there to create a business out of  it’s something to just print out some  vases or print out some little parts  or basically toys and maybe occasionally  here and there printing something  functional like a plastic handle for your  car but it’s not there to be a tool it’s  there to be something fun to play with.

and there’s just  different needs across those two  different types of beginner buyer

May be we can call them one a business beginner  and the second a hobbyist beginner.

In general the 3d printers that a hobbyist  beginner will need is  cheaper which also means that  they’re just basic to start with  but they’re super model you can go in  there and change out the bore that  actually runs it have better bearings or  a better surface make it easier to  calibrate change out the entire hardware  system until it’s basically a brand new  advanced printer.

mostly  printer companies are open-source which  just means that you can take with them  as much as you want

If you’re a hobbyist  beginner you’re probably going to want  to look at the Creality series printers, flashforge series.

But there’s gonna be some  calibrating and figuring out how to get  them to actually work to the best of  their ability which is also your ability.

Over All The Best 3D printer for beginners in India is

#1. WOL3D UPGRADED Creality Ender 3
(Print size – 220 X 220 X 250 MM)    4.5/5

        Best 3D printer for beginners in India    




Cheapest of all 3D printer for beginners in India under 15000 is

Makerbricks I3C 3D Printer

Best 3D printer for beginners in IndiaDimensions : 55 x 46 x 36 cm

Weight : 10 Kilograms

Easy to Use and easy to assemble

Entry level printer for all ages

Cheapest printer on all shopping sites


3D printer available in India for beginners under 20000

#2.  Idea Imagine Create Print Creality Ender-3 UPGRADED    4.7/5

Best 3D printer for beginners in India

For Detail Review click on the Image

3d printer available in India for beginners under 20000 for Home and School Use

#3. Three (3) IDEA Creality DIY Kit 3D Printer, Resume Printing V-Slot Prusa i3, for Home and School Use
Build Volume 220 x 220 x 250 mm,

Best 3D printer for beginners in IndiaPrinting Size : 220 x 220 x 250 mm

Machine Size :  440 x 410 x 465 mm

Product Dimensions : 41 x 44 x 46.5 cm

Weight : 8.25 Kilograms



Cheapest 3d printer available in India for beginners under 20000

#4. 3IDEA Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Removable Build Surface Plate and
UL Certified Power Supply 220x220x250mm

Best 3D printer for beginners in India


Printing Surface dimensions 220 x 220 x 250 mm
(8.6 x 8.6 x 9.8 inches)

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology

Recovered Print Function when power supply is gone it resumes it last recorded position.




Best 3d printer available in India for beginners and advanced users under 30000

#5. Flashforge Finder 3d printer by WOL3D with 1 filament free

Best 3D printer for beginners in India

  • Package size: 505 x 500 x545 mm
  • Finder size: 420 x 420 x 420 mm
  • Resolution: 0.1-0.2 mm
  • Build volume: 140 x 140 x 140mm
  • Touch screen: 3.5′, including 16 languages.
  • Software: Flashprint basic parameter.
  • Extruder: 1 technology: Fused deposition modeling
  • Printing accuracy: 0.1mm.
  • Layer thickness: 0.1-0.5mm.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm.
  • Shaft speed: 40-200mm/s.


 3d printer available in India for beginners under 30000

#6. 3 idea Imagine Create Print

Best 3D printer for beginners in IndiaSELF DEVELOPED SILENT MOTHERBOARD




Dimensions : 57.2 x 39 x 20.4 cm

Weight : 9.81 Kilograms



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Before looking for the Best 3D printer for beginners in India here are some Basics of 3D Printing

Want to get into 3d printing well  because 3d printing is  awesome but you’re not sure where to  start and  there’s so  much information out there

what  kind of 3d printer do I get?

how do I get  the software ?

do I have to design stuff ?

No problem you will get all your answers

I  just got into 3d printing and I have  researched a lot of this stuff and so I  had a bunch of questions when I was  first getting started and I did  a bunch of research and so what I want  to do in this video is put all that  information together and all those  questions that I had and you probably  have a lot of the same questions so  read full article to know all the answers

It’s gonna save you a  lot of time if you want to get into 3d  printing

what is 3d  printing

3d printing is essentially  where you have an automated machine and  it will extrude melted plastic into a  pre-programmed pattern and it it just  kind of squeezes it out this nozzle and  it basically builds your a model or  through your design it builds it up  layer by layer which is just incredible  and these are very thin layers most of  the time so it can take a while  basically just have to sit there and  watch the machine do what it does

I mean  you don’t have to sit there but it is  very mesmerizing you’ll probably just be  watching it for the first few prints  because it’s it’s pretty cool needless  to say this is an amazing tool for  creators and makers and people that need  to design prototype parts for other  parts and parts and things and stuff and  already then now you’re wondering well  how do I get started

well you will need a 3d printer,

you will need filament

you will need a computer

you will need slicer software and

you will need CAD or computer-aided  design and modeling software or you’re  going to just need to download these  files these printable files from the  internet  things that you want to  print

what  is a good 3d printer ?

well that’s a huge  question because there are a lot of them  out there and fortunately now they are  very accessible to the consumer and  price has gone down a lot but what I’m  gonna say is the it seems like the to  like most popular ones like most popular  beginner ones are the Creality Ender 3  and then the Creality CR 10

now  I would just seriously consider either  of those because they have been around a  while and they’re they’re well documented   I’m not a 3d printer expert  but it’s also in a budget price  range

But basically to keep  it simple if you are looking for a  beginner 3d printer definitely check out  the Creality Ender 3 and the Creality CR 10

Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Qs

what do I even want?

what am I supposed to look for ?

what  actually matters? and

what are some of  the factors to think about when looking  for a 3d printer ?

well the biggest one is  going to be the build volume and what  that is is essentially the the area of  the build plate the surface on which the  3d printer is going to print the model  and that’s multiplied by the height that  it can print

really just going to matter depending  on what  you want to print if you want to print  little tiny things

figurines are sort of  like flat parts or something you don’t  really need a printer that’s very tall

but if you want to print something very  tall you’re gonna need a tall printer  and if you want to print a lot of flat  things and a lot of things at one time  you’re gonna want a printer that has a  larger build area so the build plate  itself is actually larger which means  that the actual footprint of the printer  is going to be larger and it’s gonna  take up more space in your studio

another really big factor is how  plug-and-play do you want this printer  to be are you willing to take some time  to kind of tinker around with it and  test out different different settings to  get it to print just right or do you  want something that’s like right out of  the box you don’t have to do hardly  anything with it or it’s fully assembled  you’re gonna pay more money for  something that is ready to go and  requires less kind of tinkering

most  budget options will come partially  assembled or you might have to like  assemble kind of the whole thing sort of  as a kit

another big question that I had  is how do I start designing 3d prints  like what is what’s that process like?

well what you do is you get an idea and then once you have that  you get a computer-aided design or CAD  modeling software so that you can  actually build this 3-dimensional model  and then what you do is you take it from  there and you export it and usually when  you export it it’ll be like a dot(.)STL  file and you import that into a slicer  and then in the slicer you export it from the slicer and it’s usually a dot  g-code file and then what you’re gonna  do is put that on an SD card and then  take that SD card and stick it in to  your 3d printer and

then you go into  your 3d printer little settings menu thing and then you say print from sd  card and then you select that file and  then you go and then it just prints it  like magic now you might be wondering  well

what software do I use to actually  design the thing that I want to design

start with Tinkercad It is this  free modeling software that uses basic  shapes that you can like connect to each  other and move around you really do a  lot of different stuff with Tinkercad  even though some people say oh thank god  a card is only for babies and that’s  kind of true it is sort of designed to  be kid-friendly and something that that  it’s very easy to pick up on and very  intuitive which is why I like it and I  think you should give it a try unless  you’re just like a genius and then you  should just jump right into fusion 360  because that seems to be the go-to CAD modeling software for  like real-deal type of stuff

fusion 360  cut there’s definitely a learning curve  like a much bigger learning curve into  fusion 360 so I would say start with  Tinkercad and just try out some try out  some different stuff and see you know  test things out with your 3d printer

just start with some simple designs and Tinkercad and fusion  360 can be downloaded for free

what is a slicer ?

a slicer is a type of  software that you take your 3d design that you  create it and you put it into the slicer  you import it into the slicer software  and the most common one is gonna be Cura and

what that does  is it allows you to change all of the  different parameters for your 3d printer  so you can change how dense you want the  print to be you can change basically how  it’s going to print you can make  duplicates of the print, if you  want to print multiple things in in one  you know printing session so you can  change so many parameters and change how  the model is printed and not only is  this very handy but a lot a lot of times  it’s critical because if you’re printing  with a different type of material you’ll  need to print at a hotter temperature  you might need to print more slowly and  so what this does is this is where you  change all of the settings for your 3d  printer and you tell your 3d printer how  to print the model that you’ve created

there’s a lot of software  to learn how to use and like I don’t  know how to use this stuff well  that’s okay there are many videos available on the internet.

but what if I don’t want to design  my own prints?

what if I just want to  print stuff that other people have designed ? well no problem all you need to  do is go to a website like .

Thingiverse has a bunch of things that  people have designed and uploaded into  the Thingiverse website and you can just  find whatever you need maybe it’s a  gopro mount

maybe it’s a flowerpot

maybe it’s anything just  anything you can go in there and you can  download it and then usually you’ll get  like a STL file and there might be  several different types of files that come it is like the whole package  because maybe somebody broke up the  print into different sections or  whatever but basically then what you do  is you take that file and you import it  into your slicer software because you  still need to

you get a g-code file for  your printer so what you do is import that file that you downloaded  into your slicer software like Cura and  then you can change all the settings  that you need to for your specific  printer and then you can export it from  your slicer into that dot g-code file  put it on an SD card and then put it in  your printer and you are ready to print

well this all sounds pretty good but

does this take a lot of time and trial and error to actually get good 3d  prints?

well basically yes but it depends  again if you’re getting a budget printer  it will require a little bit more setup  maybe a little bit oversight.

on your oversight expect to  have prints fail especially your first  ones when you’re kind of getting your 3d  printer started.

The good news is there’s a lot of videos  out there that are very helpful in  diagnosing certain types of printing  problems once you get it started in it’s  gonna work for you very consistently  afterwards.

do 3d printers have fumes ?

well that’s a good question it depends on what you’re printing with it and depends on the material because essentially what you’re doing is you’re taking this plastic material filament and you’re heating it up and so when you heat stuff up like it tends to kind of release gases and that  sort of thing  with some prints either definitely there will  be fumes that you want to avoid.

I think it  would depend on how hot you are printing  but whatever room that you’re keeping  your 3d printer and you want it to be should be well ventilated and you  probably don’t want to be like sitting over top of the 3d printer  breathing the whole time.

how much noise 3d printer make ?

most of the printers now can be said that are loud  enough to be annoying but quiet enough  to be ignored.

Something about 3d printer parts

you can’t 3d print unless you have  something to print with and it is called the filament

There’s a few things to know about filaments

What is filament ?

Filament is just like plastic type of stuff it’s whatever  kind of material that you’re going to be  using to print with and it comes on a  big round spool and it kind of looks like noodles or something like that  and that is what you feed into your 3d  printer goes down to the nozzle down to  the hot end.

let’s briefly discuss some  of  most popular type of filament materials  out there and why you might want to use  them or not use them.

PLA is the most common  material it’s basically just like a  plastic type of material it’s pretty  strong but it’s not necessarily intended  for structural purposes it does not hold  up to heat very well and it does not do  well under sustained loads it tends to  kind of bend and flex when under  sustained loads even though it is very  rigid but after a while it will just  kind of Bend under a load but it is very  easy to print it is commonly available  it’s relatively cheap and it’s very  forgiving to print with and it’s really strong for most applications

But if you want something that you’re going  to keep like in a hot car like on a  dashboard or something probably should  not print it with PLA because it will  melt is what I think

I haven’t actually  tested that out but everybody says it’s  just gonna melt


what is TPU ?

TPU is the flexible stuff if you  want to print like a GoPro mount or a  soft mount your quadcopter motors  or anything that requires flexible material

TPU comes in all kinds of different  hardness levels so from like  Super soft to where like you  just a little soft to where it’s like mostly rigid  but like it will still be flexible

TPU and  flexible filament are generally  more difficult to print than a more  rigid filament like PLA and the reason  is because like it’s all just kind of flexible and round noodle shape

so it’s harder  to to feed that into the hot end and  then a lot of times you’ll also get like  really bad stringing depending on how  your settings are for your slicer  setting because it just kind of wants to  use all over the place so generally like  the more  soft the filament is the more  difficult it is to actually print and so you’re really gonna have to do something around with the settings

But  generally it’s very easy to print  with and only had to change a few  settings specifically for the flexible  material in the slice.

In  Cura you probably are familiar with  ABS plastic oftentimes it’s used in like  injection molded ABS is good because  it’s strong it resists heat well but  basically it’s really durable the thing  is it’s not very easy to print and it  needs to be basically in an  enclosed kind of box in order to keep  the the overall air temperature higher

because what it will tend to do is kind  of split and warp if one part  doesn’t cool evenly with the rest of the print it also has bad fumes that you  want to avoid.

abs is actually being phased out with  for a material called a si and ay si is  like ABS but it’s I guess a little bit  more forgiving to work with to print  with and a little bit less of  the fumes so it’s basically like a new  and improved version of ABS

and lastly  PETG or petG is it’s sometimes called  is a really cool material and what’s cool  about PETG it is kind of like a middle  ground between abs and PLA so it is more  heat resistant than PLA but it’s much  easier to print than ABS or a si so it’s  more durable than PLA it tends to bend  rather than break right away  but maybe not as durable as ABS or a si

when you want something that is  stronger than PLA but still easy to  print with

so now you’re wondering well

what kind of filaments should I use?

so I  use hard filaments

or I use  flexible filament

Just basically  start with PLA It is the most popular  type of 3d printing filament out there  it’s very forgiving it’s easy to print  with it’s cheap so you would start with  PLA and then do a bunch of test prints  on your printer and just kind of get it and get a feel for it to get a feel for how  that handles and then once you get  comfortable with that maybe move on to  the other stuff that you want to print  like flexible materials or  structurally stronger materials

what  size filament do I need?

does filament need  to be a specific brand?

well no it does  not need to be a specific brand usually  you’ll find a brand that you like or  that works best for your printer and  that’s what you’ll use as far as the  size 1.75 millimeters is the most common  type of filament and you can check your  3d printer manufacturer specifications  and it will say what type of filament  you should use for your 3d printer but  1.75 millimeter is going to be the most  common

how much filament should I buy ?

does filament get used up fast ?

It’s sold in like one  kilogram spools usually and that’s  probably gonna last you like quite a  while so like for example the little  test prints that I’ve printed out that a  very very common test prints the little  bench e-boat they call it the bench boat  that weighs about 10 grams and so for a  1 kilogram spool you would be able to  print about a hundred Bench boats with  that

so that’s quite a bit that’s quite  a bit so it’s gonna last you a while so  how much does this filament cost  well filament is usually around like $25  for about a kilogram it’s sold by weight  so it’s usually around $25 in that air  in that range and that’s for like PLA  but if you want a specialty type of  filament then you might be paying twice  as much usually about half a kilogram  for that same kind of twenty five dollar  range but atom

what should I print first ? there’s so many options

here’s what you  should do you should go to Thingiverse  or someplace like that and download  a test print something like the the  Benchy boat the the bench boat is very  common thing and the reason why this is  important is because you want to test out your slicer settings  and you want to test out the operation  of your printer before you move on to  your piece and resistance and because you don’t want to be like  designing something and then you know  trying to print it and then you’re not  sure like is it my design or is it my  printer or what’s going on

so when  you print a known item like the bench  boat it allows you to compare yours to  what other people have and so you might  be getting some sort of common issue  that other people are getting and then  it will be much easier to figure out  what is going on with your printer

and  in seeing what prints well what  doesn’t print well and that sort of  thing then once you get good results  with a test file then you can move on to  your piece of resistance that you have  designed so lovingly and carefully.

well I hope this was helpful if you are just a beginner in 3d  printing because let me tell you it is  totally worth it

because it is such a cool tool  where you can take an idea that’s in  your thought and then you can create  something

basically 3d printing is the  future so if you’re going to get into 3d  printing and welcome to the Future. Hope you enjoyed reading and knowing all about 3d printers and find best 3d printer for beginners in India.

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