3 Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India for Home and Office use

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Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India

We regularly need prints every now and then, there is no escaping from printouts either we are printing documents, forms, presentations, details, charts basically anything but the heavy expenses of  Ink cartridges have keep us away from buying printers and a regular visitor in the local printing shops. 

But recent development in printing technology have given us ink tank printers replacing the ink cartridges from inkjet printers to bigger ink tanks making our printouts much cheaper than ever before. Now you can just fill the 70 ml of the ink  tank  and with that you can print  to up to 6000- 8000 pages making the printing cost as low as 10 paisa per page.

Is Ink Tank Printer good for home use ? 

For infrequent printing in homes it is better to use ink tank printers over inkjet printers.

The main problem with inkjet printers they are not good for occasional printing when not in use for long time the ink cartridge nozzles dry up and get blocked and then we have to replace the Ink cartridges making it an expensive deal.

When we talk about  ink tank printers then there is no problem of ink  drying up or ink wastage you can fill the ink tank as per your printing needs.

Print quality of Ink Tank Printers

The quality of printouts that we get from both inkjet and ink tank printers is quite remarkable you can print on almost everything including fabrics, stickers, printing papers without any issue because they use liquid ink that blend well on any surface applied and give out glowing colors and beautiful prints.

Do Eco Tank printers save money?

The printing cost of it is significantly low for ink tank printers but they are expensive to buy. In the cost of 4 ink cartridges you can get about 6000-8000 prints and prints will be as low a 10 paisa per page. Ink Tank Eco Tank printers are highly recommended for cheap printing.

Comparison Table Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India


HP Ink Tank 316

Epson Eco Tank L3101

Canon Pixma G2012


Ink Tank

Ink Tank

Ink Tank


All In One

All In One

All In One









Speed Per/Min

8 B/W - 5 Color

33 B/W, 15 Color

9 B/W, 5 Color

Page Supported




Duplex Print




Page Yeild

6000-B/W, 8000-Color

4500-B/W, 7500 Color

6000-B/W, 7000 Color

Duty Cycle




Per Page Cost

10p B/W, 18p Color

7p B/W, 18p Color

9p B/W, 32p Color

Paper Tray





4800 x 1200 DPI

5760 x 1440 DPI

4800 x 1200 DPI


3 best laser printer for home use in india under 10000
3 best laser printer for home use in india under 10000
3 best laser printer for home use in india under 10000

Top 3 Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India for Home and Office use

For our first best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India

HP Ink Tank 316
All in One Printer

It is simple nice looking all in one printer well crafted for all your printing needs for scanning and copying with ease. 

Highly recommended for your photo printing jobs you will get good quality borderless prints for your color photos and you don’t have to worry about unwanted white borders, just cover the whole page with beautiful vibrant colors as good as it can be. 

The refilling is also simple and convenient without any wastage and mess with HP unique ink tank system.

It does not have a wireless connection the connectivity is on USB port. The maximum output sheet capacity is 25 pages with the printing speed of 8 pages black and white per minute and five pages color per  minute.

The printing cost is 10 paisa for black and white prints which is called standard in case of ink tank printers because their cheap with black ink and 18 paisa for color printouts as per ISO standards.

For regular use of more than 300 pages per month of printing for small offices and home use this can be your perfect choice for best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India

The page sizes  supported A4, B5, DL, Envelope. 

It has manual duplex printing option and you have to physically turn the page to print on the other side.

The printing resolution of a 4800 x 1200 DPI for color and 1200 X 1200 DPI for black prints.

It is recommended to use the compatible ink of HP GT52 for color printing to get a page yield of 8000 pages of excellent quality prints.

The recommended compatible ink for black and white print is GT 51 to get the page yield of 6000 pages for a full ink refill.

Positive points

  • Low price among all the ink tank printer
  • Manual Duplex Printing
  • Borderless Printing

Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India

For our second best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India

Epson Eco Tank L3101 Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India
All in One Ink Tank Printer  4.5/5

This compact and powerful eco tank printer  is designed to boost productivity. The cheapest possible rates with highest quality of printing output.

This is an all in one multifunction printer good for printing scanning and copying requirements

With this printer we will get spectacular printing resolution of  5760 DPI. Now print your project presentations, reports, letters, documents and photos at lightning fast speed of 33 pages per minute and get your job done in no time.

This printer offers a very high page yield so you don’t have to frequently refill the ink tank. With the full tank you  can get 4500 pages black and 7500 pages of color prints.

Just go on printing uninterruptedly without worrying about refilling.

Epson  has made this smart and compact  design  so you can adjust it on any office work desk easily.

The ink tanks are perfectly integrated on the front panel so you can monitor the ink levels and fill them whenever needed.

Also an edition of Advanced feature is borderless printing generally required for printing photographs . With its vibrant colors and sharp pictures the printing output is as good as photo lab quality.

It has a low power consumption mode to save your energy bills and save the environment that is now recommended requirement for any electric devices. 

The cost per page is a bare minimum  of 7 paisa for black and white prints and 18 paisa of color prints as per ISO standard it is as cheap as you can get.

If you have printing need of 300 pages per month  or more  this can be a ideal option for best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India.

Positive points

  • Cheap Printing
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Borderless Prints
  • Very Fast Printing Speed

For our third best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India

Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in IndiaCanon Pixma G2012
All in One Ink Tank Printer 4/5

For your high volume printing needs at low cost  printing this is  Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-one multifunction printer. It is  designed as a budget friendly printer that comes with two additional ink bottles of black ink and  three bottles of  cyan yellow and Magenta Ink  now you don’t need to care about refilling for a quite long time  just go on printing uninterrupted at cheap prices.

It also has borderless printing and high quality monochrome document printing with the help of Canon hybrid ink system. 

This will save you on ink cost and  with the full tank you can get the page yield of 6000 pages of black and 7000 period in color prints

It is always recommended to use the Canon compatible ink to get the best results. To monitor your ink levels the ink tank is integrated in the front panel in this compact printer.

The printing speed is around 8 pages per minute of black and 5 pages per minute of color prints quite ideal speed for home use.

The cost effectiveness can  determined by the cost per page of 9 Paisa for black and white prints and 32paisa for color prints as per ISO standards.

The print resolution is 4800 X 1200 DPI .

Positive points

  • Canon hybrid ink system
  • Additional ink bottles

Negative points 

  • Mac OS is not supported

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The cheapest option in best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India but only single function

Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in IndiaHP 115 Color Single
Function Ink Tank Printer 3.5/5

If you want a cheap ink tank printer this is your option. This is a single function  ink tank printer with USB connectivity.

The printer is ideal for ink tank printer for monthly usage of 300 pages per month

 You can get up to 7.5 pages per minute of black and white and 4.5 pages per minute of color printouts within average cost of 10 paisa per page for black and white and 18 paisa per page for color print out as per ISO standards.

 The page size supported is A4 B5 A6 DL envelope a standard for good quality ink tank printers.

It supports manual duplex printing you can easily print on the other side of the page by physically turning it,
duplex printing saves paper wastage.

With the compatible HP GT52 ink you can get 8000 pages of color printouts and with compatible ink HP GT51 for black you can get 6000 pages of of black and white print outs.

The recommended monthly duty cycle is up to 1000 pages per month which is great for a printer at this price.

It comes with the tray capacity of 25 sheets only not very good for offices but quite ok for home use

 Positive points

  • Very small and compact
  • Low price

Negative Points

  • Single function

Before buying best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India

Is ink tank better than inkjet?

 If you considered the buying cost of an ink tank printer it is more than an inkjet printer but the running cost of an inkjet printer is very high. People go for the low cost of inkjet printer and in return they spend more on the Ink cartridges. If you spend good amount of money for buying an ink tank printer you will spend  fifty times less cost per page then inkjet printer.

 Ink tank is always better than inkjet printer for any kind of printing job.

Which printer is better laser or ink tank?

Laser printers are used for high volume printing for black and white documents they are heavy duty machines designed for speed and durability, you can print thousands of pages from a laser printer very easily  it is mostly preferred when you require only black and white prints in very large quantity.

Ink tank printers are very cost effective and cheap the perfect printing cost is less than a laser printer you can get very high quality colored print outs easily. they are not as fast as laser printers but quite good for low to moderate printing for small  offices and home use. The details given above will help you buy best Ink Tank printer under 15000 in India

What is the best printer that uses less ink?

While ink Tank printers are widely known for using less ink for printing. Epson eco tank L3101 uses much lesser ink than any other ink tank printers.

What printer has the longest lasting ink?

Canon Pixma G2012 ink tank printer have long lasting ink and it even comes with 4 ink bottles 

What is the best small printer for home use?

HP 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank Printer

Which ink tank printer is best?

Epson Eco Tank L3101 All in One Ink Tank Printer 

Is it cheaper to buy a new printer than ink?

Due to the operational cost of ink tank printers when you continuously buy ink for your printer it is better to buy a new ink tank printer to get more cheaper prints and return on your investment in longer run.

A brief history of Ink tank printers

Ink tank printers were first launch by Epson in 2011 before that the ink cartridge model was basically used but due to its high running cost people are not buying printers instead they were printing from digital printing shops.

The main  drawback with the inkjet printers you don’t have the freedom, you have to print  frequently otherwise that Ink cartridges will get clogged. And the high printing cost about 5 to 10 rupees per page. 

Following on the problems that the inkjet printer had, ink tank printers were introduced and it was very well accepted by the printer users, the high page yield and low printing cost was very attractive not only for home user but also for offices and small businesses. Now the market share of ink tank printer has grown widely. 

There are more eco friendly and also consume less power, they have less e-waste as compared to laser  toner powder which is harmful to humans they also have a compact design and are much smaller than laser printers which intern saves some desk space. 

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