Top 3 Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000

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Top 3 Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000

Having a printer for your home is now as essential as having a laptop or a smartphone. From college students to working individuals at some point of time you require to print some of your documents or photos which you require in the finest quality and then you think of buying a printer.

Choosing a printer for your home is not very difficult just you have to understand our need for printing and the some basics of a printer.

Generally when you consider buying a printer for our home we are talking about 50 to 100 pages per month of  printing.

Also for working individuals it is not enough may be they require more printing, but in any case basic level home printers are capable enough for printing hundreds of quality prints per month.

Most of the laser printers that are available are capable enough for printing couple of thousand pages per month but our search is limited in case of finding best laser printer for home use in India under 10000. 

The second most important thing you have to consider is that you require wireless printer or a basic USB connection is it enough for you.

Having a wireless connection is a plus point but if you don’t need wireless printing then you can get a much cheaper option.

We have to also consider about how cheap  is a printer in long run, the page yield per cartridge tells you about how much pages of prints you can print in a single cartridge that helps you calculate per page printing cost.

Mostly when looking for best laser printer for home use in India under 10000 category you can easily get around  1000 to 3000 pages in a single cartridge.

For home printing speed is not a concern,  almost every  laser printer gives about 12 to 20 pages per minute of prints good enough for home usage.

Some printers come with the duplex printing capacity where you can print on both sides, which can save much of paper cost, energy cost and also printing cost.  A good option when you are printing lots of pages or you require printing books.

When duplex printing is considered some printer have automatic duplex printing while others can have manual duplex where you have to manually turn the paper to print on the other side.

Laser printers have a good duty cycle of 10000 to 20000 pages of monthly prints more than enough for home use printers this shows the durability of a printer and how capable is the machine you are using. Duty cycle means the maximum recommended volume of prints in a month the printer can handle.  

The size of the printer also matters  most of the laser printers are slightly bigger in size than inkjet printers but can be easily adjusted on your desktop table in case of wireless printer you can put it in any corner of the room and enjoy printing wirelessly.

One of the best thing about laser printers is it uses toner powder for printing so if not in use for days or months when you require printing it will print as fine as it was printing before which is not in the case of inkjet printers where you have to be frequently printing otherwise the nozzle of that in cartridges are blocked.

Top 3 Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000

  1. HP LaserJet Pro M17w
  2. Brother HL- L2321d
  3. Xerox Phaser 3020 


You can look at the comparison table below to decide among the Top 3 Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000



HP Ink Tank 316

Epson Eco Tank L3101

Canon Pixma G2012


Ink Tank

Ink Tank

Ink Tank


All In One

All In One

All In One









Speed Per/Min

8 B/W - 5 Color

33 B/W, 15 Color

9 B/W, 5 Color

Page Supported




Duplex Print




Page Yeild

6000-B/W, 8000-Color

4500-B/W, 7500 Color

6000-B/W, 7000 Color

Duty Cycle




Per Page Cost

10p B/W, 18p Color

7p B/W, 18p Color

9p B/W, 32p Color

Paper Tray





4800 x 1200 DPI

5760 x 1440 DPI

4800 x 1200 DPI


3 best laser printer for home use in india under 10000
3 best laser printer for home use in india under 10000
3 best laser printer for home use in india under 10000

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Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000HP LaserJet Pro M17 w4.5/5

Our recommendation for best laser printer for home use in India under 10000

It is one of the popular laser printers from HP under 10000 INR category. It has a sleek and compatible design and has a beautiful modern look . It can print black and white pages with up to speed of 20 pages per minute and at a cost of rupees 1.5 for page as per ISO standards claimed by the company.

It is quite good for a laser printer while looking for home use . The connectivity is USB and Wireless, you can easily connect it to the Wi-Fi and enjoy printing remotely from anywhere in your home. The Wi-Fi is easy to setup and very convenient to use .

Also with nice HP Smart App you can manage your printing take directly from your mobile phone without even using computer or laptop.

While using the compatible laser toner 47a you can print up to decent amount of 1400 pages. The print quality is  very good for document printing. HP printers have a very good  reputation in market for its high quality fine  printing.

The monthly duty cycle recommended for this printer is 8000 pages per month .The printers are compatible with windows 10, 8.1, 8 and Apple OS and Mac OS

Duplex printing is manual with this printer you have to physically turn the paper for the other side.

The printing resolution is 1200 x 600 DPI of fine quality printing. 

It also has energy saving features with HP On Off technology that automatically switches off the printer when not in use trying to save some of your energy bills.

Final thoughts why HP LaserJet Pro M17w is Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000.

This printer is as good as a laser printer can be in this price range it has many advanced features of mobile printing and energy savings. It is the most smallest size laser printer available so if space is your concern this can be an easy choice otherwise comparing to others for the speed, volume of printing and per page cost you have a clear winner. Brand HP has been a choice of many users because of its reputation in the market.

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Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000Brother HL- L2321d4.5/5

Our second choice for best laser printer for home use in India under 10000

This is a single function monochrome black and white laser printer from Brother. A very popular model because of its durability. Brother has a very good reputation for making good quality printers they are compact and have a very good build quality.

This printer offers high speed very fine printing output at 30 pages per minute. The pages it supports are A4 A5 A6 legal and letter. A great feature of this printer is auto duplex printing now you don’t need to physically turn the paper around for you dual side printing. Mostly auto duplex printing is not available in these prices.

With the compatible toner TN 2365 it gives a page yield of about 2600 pages as per ISO standard which is quite high when compared to others in this category this shows the cost efficiency of this printer.

It is compatible with Windows XP and above also with Mac OS.

You can print upto 10000 pages per month from this power-packed printing machine which is  enough for any kind of home usage.

The resolution of 2400 x 600 DPI is standard for this category of printer . Also you can create targeted surfaces for printing on  Envelopes and letterheads with  great ease. It also has a massive paper input tray capacity of 250 pages. enclosed paper tray to avoid paper from moisture and dust an essential feature for home usage .

The main drawback with this printer is there is no Wi-fi connectivity which can be a negative for some users while for home usage for single person it should not be a factor.

It it as good as HP without wifi but the toner availability can be a issue in some places as per some users but it is available on amazon.

Consider buying this is a Japanese power printing machine for low to high volume printing requirements at super ease. A good value for your money if you want to go for it. Many users have been using it from  2 to 3 years without much complain also the customer support from Brother is good. 

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Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000Xerox Phaser 3020 3.5/5

Our third choice for best laser printer for home use in India under 10000

It is a compact design printer  easily fit on your desktop. It comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity so you can access your printer from anywhere. Xerox is long been known for its high standard printing machines.

This laser printer prints about 21 pages per minute with printing resolution of 1200 X 1200 DPI in fine quality. The text and graphics prints are of very high quality even very fine lines are perfectly printed. Duty cycle is of 15000 pages per month.


It also has 128 MB of Ram which is quiet good as compared to others and with the processing speed of 600 gigahertz it is considerably fast.

Some features

Booklet printing-
Brightness Adjustment, Contrast Adjustment
Custom page size, Edge Enhancement, Fit-to-page,
Job Monitoring, N-up, Paper Selection by Attribute, Poster printing,
Print Order, Reduce/Enlarge, Scaling, Skip blank pages,
Toner save mode, Watermarks

All in one  it is a decent printer good for home usage but not the best in its category. The toner is very expensive.

Check Price                                                                               


Pantum 2250Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 100004/5

This is also a deserving printer for best laser printer for home use in India under 10000 

It has a sleek and compact design can be nicely adjusted on your workstation desk. It comes with Wi-Fi direct and mobile printing so you can remotely access your printer from anywhere in your office or home .

This printer can print as fast as 7.8 seconds for the first page as it is powered by 600 hz processor and has a Ram 128 MB for fast printing. The print speed is 22 pages per minute of A4 and 23 pages per minute for letter paper size.

You can turn out up to 15,000 pages monthly good enough for home printing with a good resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI makes your print finer and high quality.

It comes with a standard paper capacity of 150 pages. It has an automatics power saving mode to reduce your energy bills.

Main drawback is that it does not have so much presence in the market but you can go for it if it suits your need 

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Some FAQ for selecting Best Laser Printer for Home use in India under 10000

Which printer is best for home use laser or inkjet in India?

It all depends upon the need of  printing requirement generally for about 50 to 100 pages per month you can easily go for an inkjet printer they are cheaper in price can be good for low volume printing best for photo and color printing.

 If you require more than 100 pages per month of document printing then you should go for laser printer they may  be expensive to buy but they are cheaper in their long term use you can get as low as 1 Rupee per page fast and high quality  printing.

Inkjet may not be as durable as laser printer and a main disadvantage of  inkjet printer is  you have to use it regularly and print at least 2-3 times in a week otherwise the nozzles will be jammed and changing the cartridge is a big headache and  cost you a lot of money.

Laser Printer have an advantage because it uses Toner Technology which is a powder which does not dry so there is no requirement of frequent printing and even if not in use for months it will work as fine as before.

Which is cheaper inkjet or laser?

 Inkjet is definitely cheaper than laser printers you can get a good inkjet printer as low as 3000 to 5000 rupees.

Which is better inkjet or laser?

For regular usage and durability and value for money laser is definitely a good choice anytime over inkjet printers

What is the disadvantage of laser printer?

The parts and components of laser printer are also very expensive, laser printers are made of very complex equipment’s although they don’t  wear and tear very easily but they require  regular servicing.

How long do laser printer cartridges last?

The cartridge of laser laser printers  are durable they can easily work for more than two years if you have a good brand of printer you can just refill the powder and use it again and again. This is why laser printers are tend to be cheaper in the long run.

Are laser printers better for infrequent use?

The Powder technology used for laser printers  does not require frequent printing as compared to inkjet printers where the ink gets blocked on the nozzle of the cartridge if they are not in use for long time. The Powder in the toner does not dry out like this so you don’t require frequent printing, use it when you like.

 The main drawback of inkjet printer is to have to use it 2-3 times in a week just make the cartridge running.

What should I look for in a best laser printer for home use in India under 10000 category ?

  • Type –  Black and white or color printer
  • Functions- Single function mode or multifunction for print scan copy
  • Paper handling capacity and supported page sizes
  • Connectivity USB or Wi-Fi 
  • Cost of toner and yield capacity for the toner
  • Energy saving features
  • RAM size and memory 
  • If you use high volume printing then you should check out the duty cycle
  • Ease of use


Should I buy a laser printer?

If you have the usage of more  more than hundred pages a month of document printing and you can afford to buy a laser printer then definitely go for a laser printer it will be with you working very fine for  almost five years.

 When you go for cheaper printer they may be not as durable as a laser printer

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