Top 3 Cheap and Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

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Top 3 Cheap and Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

For your simple and basic printing requirement, whether you want to print presentations, charts books, photos, images, recipes, chats simple home printer can do this job. 

Having printer for your home is now an essential requirement. Printer makes your work easy for physical documentation of your digital work, whether you are a student and printing your books notes or doing some research work or if you are a working individual making some reports and printing them even if you are a housewife and you just want to print recipes a home printer will help you with this.  

Here we will try to help you finding the Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

There are basically three types of printers

When we talk about Best Printer for home use in India under 5000 we will mostly get inkjet printers as they have low price just starting from Rs 2500.

Inkjets are the most cheapest printer available in the market. They are best when you require low volume black and white document printing  or you need high quality color prints.

Inkjet printers uses cartridges that are filled with ink that is applied on paper to make a beautiful glowing print. Ink cartridge can be costly sometimes and also they come with a drawback of having to print regularly so the nozzles of the cartridges do not get blocked.

Most of the inkjet printers are available in multi function use. You can easily print scan and copy from the printer that is very useful sometimes but is not a basic necessity for home use requirement. 

Mostly they come with the basic flatbed scanner easy to use with good resolution for clear scanning. 

If you are looking for inkjet printers for your need of printing documents and photos we have for you Top 3 Cheap and Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

Our first choice for Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

Best Printer for home use in India under 5000 HP Deskjet 2332    5/5   Bestseller No. 1

An Inkjet printer with all in one features of print scan and copy for your easy work flow. You can get high quality colored prints at fast speed with this new HP advanced deskjet printer. The image quality is excellent best among other brands with high quality resolution. 

It comes with the compatible cartridge HP 805 so you can print up to 120 pages of black and white and 100 pages of color printouts which is decent as compared to the pricing of this printer if you require higher yield you can go for  more expensive printer but this page yield is enough for decent home use.

Per page cost of this printer is Rs 6 for black and Rs 8 for colored  prints.

The supported pages are A4 B5 A6 and envelope.  You can easily put 60 sheets in the input tray that is  about half of the page yield of this ink cartridge. 

 The resolution of 1200 X 1200 DPI the print output is as good as it can be for home use printer under this price range and with the duty cycle of about 1,000 pages it can be the perfect choice for your search of Best Printer for home use in India under 5000.

Positive Points

  • No. 1 Best seller
  • Good Performance
  • New Model
  • Page cost Black – Rs 6
  • Page cost Color – Rs 8

Our second recommendation for Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

Best Printer for home use in India under 5000Canon Pixma TS207       4/5

This Canon Pixma comes with a sleek and sturdy design with the  strong build quality  and has scratch resistant surface. The Build quality is very important while selecting a cheap printer because most of them do not have a strong body.

Another good quality of this printer is, it supports borderless printing for your colored photographs now you can get rid of the white unwanted spaces.

It comes with USB connectivity and it is mostly compatible with all your Windows 8 7 and XP and Apple Mac OS . You can get 7 pages of black and white per minute and 4 pages of color print per  minute.

The cost per page is around Rs 7 for black and Rs 9 for color printouts as per ISO standards.

Ideally suited for home printing which require less than 50 pages of printing per month.

The print resolution is better than anybody else of about 4800 X 1200 DPI.

If your are only looking for high quality color prints in this is a better option.

Increase your productivity by compatible ink PG 745S you can print about hundred pages and with PG 745 it will print about of 180 pages.

You will get a set of 2 cartridges PG 745 cl-746 when you buy the printer.

Positive Points

  • Good Built Quality
  • Page cost Black – Rs 7
  • Page cost Color – Rs 9

Our third choice for Best Printer for home use in India under 5000 is 

Best Printer for home use in India under 5000Canon Pixma TS307    4/5 

This is the only wireless printer in best printer for home use in India under 5000 category.

But this is a single function printer without scan and copy options. You can print high-quality color photos also crisp black and white document prints at speed of 7 pages per minute of black and 4 pages per minute of color prints.

The cost of printing per page is Rs 7 for black and white and Rs 9 for color which is quite a standard for this type of printers that makes it ideal for home use which have print requirement of less than 50 pages per month.

It also has a borderless printing upto 4 inch by 6 inch of paper with the print resolution of 4800 X 1200 DPI. Now you can enjoy your color photo printing for your loved ones as never before in the cheap prices. 

The compatible ink PG 745S has a page yield of hundred pages and PG 745 can give you up to 180 pages per cartridge. 

It support standard paper sizes of A4, letter.

It also supports printing from your smartphone with the Canon Selphy app now it is easy to print without any need of your computer just by downloading the Selphy app and giving the print command of your favorite photos as easy as it can be. 

Positive Points

  • Wireless Printer
  • Page cost Black – Rs 7
  • Page cost Color – Rs 9

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HP Deskjet 1115 can also be considered for Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

Best Printer for home use in India under 5000

HP Deskjet 1115  3.5/5

This is the cheapest of all the printers . It is an  ink advantage printer with  print only function you can easily connect it with USB to your laptop or PC.

It is recommended for regular usage of 100 to 300 pages per month.

Ideally for home use or small offices because of ink advantage technology the cost per page is low about Rs1.4 for black and white and Rs 4.5 for color prints as per ISO standards .

Supported page sizes are A4 B5 A6 DL envelope but it comes with the plus point of manual duplex printing where you can print on both the sides by physically turning the paper it can save you paper  wastage.

The print resolution of work is 4800 X 1200 optimized DPI for color and 1200 X 1200 standard DPI for black. If you use the recommended compatible ink cartridge HP 680 tricolor approximate page yield is 480 pages of black and white high quality document printouts and  about 150 pages off color prints. 

With this printer you will get one black and one tri color cartridge for your affordable printing.

The duty cycle recommended for this printer is 1000 pages per month which is quite enough for home use. 

Positive Points

  • Page cost Black – Rs 1.4
  • Page cost Color – Rs 4.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best printer to buy for home use ?

If you still can not decide about inkjet printer then here are some important points for you to consider.


The main reason people buy inkjet printers are because of their cheap prices.

They are great for printing photos because they use liquid ink that blends well and is beautifully printed on paper. Which makes it best and cheapest option for colored printing.

You can print it on glossy paper, fabric polyester or sticker it will easily print upon it very beautifully.


The ink cost are high and so it is not suitable for long term use because of its running operational cost.

They print very slow as compared with other printers.

You have to use it regularly at least 2 to 3 times in a week otherwise its nozzles will get blocked

 Final say,

If you want to buy a printer for your home and need of printing only 20-50 pages per month and also you need to sometime print colored print outs of photos and images then for this  low volume of printing requirement  inkjet is the best option.

Just you have to keep in mind that you need to print at least 2-3 pages in a week to get the printer running and  avoid the nozzles being blocked. 

Best all in one  printer For home use with cheap ink Under 5000

HP DeskJet 1212 Single Function Inkjet Colour Printer as per user reviews.

Best all in one Wireless printer under 5000 

HP DeskJet 2723 All in One Wireless Inkjet Printer

Which brand printer is more reliable 

HP and Canon are considered most reliable brands of printers but Brother also make durable printers and has also a very good customer base in India.

Which printer is best for photo printing 

Epson PictureMate PM-520 Photo Printer

HP 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank Printer

Which paper is used for photo printing

  1. Kodak 200 GSM A4 210x297mm Photo Paper High Glossy
  2. Bambalio BPG 180-50 (Classic) Glossy Photo Paper, 180 gsm, 50 Sheets A4 Size
  3. HP Zink Photo Paper (2 * 3 inch) – Pack of 20 – for HP Sprocket & Sprocket 2-in-1

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