Best Printer for Photo Printing in India 2020

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Best Printer for Photo Printing in India 2020

So you are looking for a printer that can turn your artwork and amazing photos into life but you are confused which one to buy, well I don’t blame you there are so many printers out there today and picking the right printer as an artist is very hard these days thanks to the vast amount of printers out there.

Before buying a best printer for photographers and photography studio

  • What size you want to print ?
  • How often are you going to be printing ?

Your art as a home user there are plenty of options to print your artwork and amazing photos at cheap prices however if you plan on doing intense printing and maybe what you want to sell your art prints then you should look into a high-end printer.

Because printers on the higher end will produce gallery quality photos and they will produce them much faster than the lower end ones. They also usually have bigger ink cartridges which means you won’t have to be refilling them so often and you will usually get better deals on buying ink when you have bigger ink cartridges.

Another thing you need to know is make sure you know what paper thickness you’re going to be printing on usually the lower end printers have less versatility when it comes to paper thickness if you are going to be printing a majority of thick media then usually a higher-end printer is going to be a better option.

Epson Picture Mate PM 520 – Best Portable Printer for Photo Printing in India

Best Printer for Photo Printing in India 2020

Epson Picture mate is a high quality portable printer. This is a high-end beast for a small size portable photo printer it prints sizes up to 5 inches by 7 inches premium quality borderless prints which is very good for this size of a printer.

This printer uses Epson’s E 372 ink cartridge and it ensures vivid colors and superior black density you see they use a nine color ultra chrome ink system with up to 5760 x 5760 DPI so the inks on this printer make it a very good option for printing black and white art prints thanks to the three level of black colors.

With this printer and it’s very easy to use thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen interface and you can print using USB Wi-Fi and Ethernet the only known con about this printer is it wastes some ink when switching between black and white mode and color mode

You don’t have to worry about connecting to a pc or laptop just connect your smartphone and start printing high quality photos of your loved ones in seconds.

So if you are looking for a high end portable printer and a little bit of a show off then it is a good choice for you the price be a slight high but for those who can afford it will be a Best Printer for Photo Printing.

Best Printer for Photo Printing in India 2020


Best Printer for Photo Printing in India 2020

Best Printer for Photo Printing in India 2020








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A review by a recent buyer who is critical of Epson PM being the Best Printer for Photo Printing in India

I have an Epson PM, and I love the quality of the prints and how easy the printer is to use. However, it seems that whether I print from my MacBook (tried multiple apps) or directly from my iPhone on the Epson app, I am having an issue with prints which are two 3x4s together on a 4×6. I use 4×6 Borderless for a print setting, and although I get a print without a border, the actual picture which is printed is a smaller area of photo than what shows on the preview screen. It’s making me crazy! I spent over an hour on the Epson Customer Service line today, and they ended up telling me that it was a problem with my printer. I was just wondering if you have experienced the PM- printing less of a picture than what you see on the screen. Thanks for any thoughts!


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