Which is the best printer to buy for home use in India 2020

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The best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 is HP Ink Tank 115 Color because it is the best on all the features of a printer which people mostly look for in a good home use printer.

The top 4 best printer to buy for home use in India 2020

  1. HP Ink Tank 115 Color
  2. HP LaserJet Pro M17 w
  3. Canon Pixma G 2012
  4. HP deskjet 3636 All in One


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Reading will help you in making a good decision for you search of Which is the best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 ?

The leading printer in all aspects in the category of best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 is HP Ink Tank 115 Color.

best printer under 10000 for home use


The best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 in Inkjet printers HP deskjet 3636 All in One

best printer under 10000 for home use

The best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 in Laser Printers is HP LaserJet Pro M17 w

best printer under 10000 for home use

The best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 in Multifunction Ink Tank is Canon Pixma G 2012

best printer under 10000 for home use   

While selecting a printer for home use we first need to decide the budget and the printing requirement. read below about the best printers according to your needs.

The Review of Epson XP 8600 for the best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 for photographer lab.

This printer is our all-in-one it has  the printing functionality along with  scanning documents and one thing that  drew me into this printer is the  footprint is extremely small so at the  top you can see the scanner bed whether  a full sheet of paper will be scanned  and it’s only slightly bigger so you can  pop it in in small spaces and it will  look nice and neat and clean because  this is marketed as a photo printer you  do get high scanning resolution so  that’s 1200 dpi by 4800 dpi as  horizontal versus vertical so there’s a  photo paper feed on the back of the  printer.

I personally haven’t used it but the  reason why I believe is at the back is  because if you put it through the main  paper feed and if you’re printing higher  quality cross photos then the paper will  likely to have a crease so if you feed  it from the back you’ll come out nice  and flat accessing the ink cartridges  and replacing them is pretty  straightforward  just make sure you do it through the  screen option you can go under  maintenance and replace cartridges so  when you open up the lid there is  cutouts on either side so just push her  up you’ll be presented with a sticker.

That’s showing how to quickly remove it  and put ink cartridges back there are  six color different variants you can go  and see which color is used up or which  you have plenty of and then it’s a case  of unpinning  and putting a new one in so we place in  the ink cartridges it’s pretty  straightforward.

A lot of people  claim that printers are their bane of  their life and they never listen but  sometimes it’s simple checks you need to  do so on the back of the printer itself  you can see there’s a compartment which  you can pull out or put in your fingers  in the two holes and pinch in the  buttons and if there’s any paper stock  just take it out remove everything make  sure it’s all clean and clear and then  clip it back in and you’re good to go  on.

The back of the printer on the left  side you’ll find a figure eight power  input and on the right hand side we’ll  find a USB cable  connection a stand out feature for me is  the front so you can lift the panel up  and it will move to a certain extent and  then you can move all the way and it  moves up to 90 degrees and 45 degrees  depending on your viewing angles once  the front panel is exposed you will see  a slot for an SD card so if we take a  lot of pictures on your camera or  digital SLR you can take it out of your  camera plug it straight into the printer  and print straight off

Without the need  of a computer or laptop when you flip  open the bottom cover you will see a USB  port along with 2 loading trays so the  bottom one is a paper tray for up to 100  pages of paper and the second one is  where you will insert the 4×6 photo  paper it’s time to turn on the printer  and see what all the fuss is about so  you get that gorgeous screen in the  middle of the printer itself you’ve got  a few icons when you start up the  printer so they are copy print photos  scan and various prints if you click on  the home option you can see if a copy  function we can even do it in black or  white. That is why this printer is recommended for The best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 for photography.

You get one-sided or two-sided  option there’s Advanced Settings as well  changing the paper settings if it’s  multi-page or the quality if we quickly  get out of that there’s also other  options such as print photo stick and  the collage or just print scanning  option they do it from memory device  computer to cloud and WASD various  prints so you can do various copies  personal stationery corporate of cd/dvd  which is quite good quite and coloring  book

so this also prints onto a CD or  DVD which is a standard feature and you  can see the settings we’ve got the  surprise taters see the level of ink you  have on your printer itself you have the  basic settings for the sound screen  saver how bright you want the LCD to be  language background color and all the  good stuff setting up to your home  broadband connection or office network  is extremely easy you just search for  the SSID and put in your password and  you’re all ready to go

if you click on  the question mark icon then it will take  you to troubleshooting and how to how to  is pretty good it shows you quick  animations on how to do Wi-Fi set up  load a CD or dvd and how to load paper  but if you do experience any other  issues then please leave a comment in  the comment section below and I’ll try  to help you to the best of my abilities  on the main screen if we move all  way to the right you can see maintenance.

you can printhead nozzle check power  clean in printhead alignment and  printhead cleaning just make sure you’re  doing this on a routine basis just to  make sure you get the most out your  printer and for it to have a long and  healthy life  the last option shows smartphone connect  and firstly I connect via Wi-Fi direct  and I’ve had no issues printing for my  Android device which I personally use  and my sisters printed from her iPhone  device without any issues at all  near the top menu by you’ve got quick  access so if you press on the ink button  it shows you the status of how much ink  you have remaining on the wireless icon  we can see if we connected to our Wi-Fi  and

how many devices are connected via  Wi-Fi direct taken out up to eight and  we also have an option for quiet mode  which I’ll explain further on it in the  video once you’re connected up to a  network and a connection has established  if you go into your computer whether use  in Windows or Mac OS it’s pretty simple  just add a printer look through your  network devices and just follow with the  installation now in some cases you do  have to go to the Epson website and  download the latest drivers and software.

The best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 for color printing use by working individual or student or house wife is Canon Pixma G 2012.

this printer is a showpiece in itself so  when you are printing a document or  photo it will take a few moments for the  Wi-Fi to register and then I love the  way you open so it will open up the  front panel first I’ll push the paper  tray forward and then it will open up  the bottom tray so it’s almost like a  transformer  going into full beast mode so as this is  a photo printer you don’t get four  cartridges you actually get six so they  are black cyan light cyan yellow magenta  and light magenta because this is the  photo printer the resolution of the  printing needs to be higher too so  luckily it is it is at 57 16 by 1440 dpi  now I know some of you even our viewers  would have noticed that I’m not using  our original ink cartridges now the  reason behind this

I’ll be as honest as  possible  cash is tough at the moment is clover 19  and a lot of people are struggling so I  hope you’re staying home and staying  safe but once this pandemic is over I’ll  order some official Epson ink cartridges  because I need to show you how good the  actual photos of this beta are so you  can have an option of doing borderless  prints you also have the option to print  around regular-sized photo paper so  that’s 4 by 6 inches and then the  mind-blowingly good I mean really good  let me  if you want to see those pictures in  future videos if I get enough requests  for it then

I’ll upload it the Epson  expiate 600 is also a decent performer  if you want to print out in black and  white then you can do 9.5 pages in the  minutes or nine pages in color in a  minute most mid end to high-end Epson  printers have an option for a quiet mode  now you can turn this feature on if you  don’t want to make a racket the only  downside is it will print at a slower  rate but if you have time constraints or  if you need to get the printing done  quickly and you don’t care about the  noise then just turn that off and it’ll  print its normal speed so here’s my  verdict on the printer

I think it prints  up very good quality pictures it prints  out pretty quickly and there’s a nice  LCD screen at the front where you can  print straight from the SD card or USB  stick however there are also a couple of  negative aspects of this printer so when  you have it on quiet mode I notice there  is a low-frequency hum I can’t manage to  take that away I’m not near any  electrical devices so it’s fine where it  is and also the ink cartridges are  pretty darn expensive but overall guys  the printer is absolutely fantastic it’s  great for everyday use and when I want  to print out a nice picture I’ve got  that option alright guys so that’s the  end of our review on their Epson xb 8600.

The best printer to buy for home use in India 2020 for all the aspects of general use by working individual or student or house wife is HP Ink Tank 115 Color.

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