Top 3 Best Printer under 10000 for home use in India

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Best Printer under 10000 for home use in India 

Now a days having a printer is a must for any kind of document work even for students, working individual or even housewife. Selection of printer can be a very confusing task if you are buying it for the first time. There are many things that should be considered before buying your first printer.

The best printer under 10000 for home use in India is a category we made as most of the users require printer under 10000 price range.

We have to keep some basic things in mind before buying a printer.

First of all we have to look how much printing we require in a month. The printing need is a major deciding factor while choosing a printer. 

Then we have to decide about the need of color printing or the major requirement is black and white document printing.

Then after deciding the requirement we have to choose type of printer that we need that is a single function or all in one multifunction printer for scanning and copying also. These are add on features which comes mostly with inkjet printers to improve your workflow.

To select inkjet printer or laser printer or an ink tank printer look for their features

Inkjet Printers

The inkjet printers are mostly cheaper in cost but they are higher to maintain any if you are infrequent user of printer then it will be much costlier for you because if you are not printing at least 4 to 6 pages per week then the Ink cartridges may clog and become a headache for you when you will print your next job.

Ink Tank

If you decide to spend some money up front then ink tank printer or a better option for a home use they have very good quality color printing and text printing at the cheapest rate. Ink tank printers are very popular in home use because of their versatility and high quality black – white and even photo lab quality color prints of some high end printers.

Laser Printer

Then comes in the laser printer for high volume black and white text printing if you want to print hundreds of pages within minutes then this is the choice for you. Laser Printers are mostly required in small offices and even home use for large printing jobs they are best for printing books and documents. They are very durable and long lasting printers and you don’t require regular printing you can leave the printer for months and it will not cause a problem it will work as fine as before.

For your search of best printer under 10000 for home use in India we have selected some printers from inkjets, ink tank and Laser printers read for yourself and decide which one will be the best fit in your home use.

  1. HP 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank Printer
  2. HP Deskjet 3636 All-in-One ink advantage
  3. HP LaserJet Pro M17 w
  4. Canon Pixma G 2012 All in One Ink Tank Color Printer

The leading printer in all aspects in the category of best printer under 10000 in home use is

#1. HP 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank Printer

best printer under 10000 for home use



This printer was launched by HP in last year and has been very popular since then, mostly because of its per page printing cost that is 10 Paisa for black and white And 18 paisa four color printing as per ISO standards. This is a very small compact printer can be fitted on any desk in home or office good for up to printing 250 pages per month.

The support  page sizes are A4 B5 A6 envelope and has a decent print resolution of 4800 X 1200 DPI 

It is mostly known for its high page yield of 6000 pages of black and white and 8000 of color printing from the HP GT51 ink cartridge.  Duty cycle claimed by the company is up to 1000 pages per month but it should not be used to that extent.  The printing speed is a decent 7 pages per minute of black and white and 5 pages color per minute .
ut this printer do not have a Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you want a ink Tank printer that is cheap and best for home use under 10000. Hp 115 single function can be your choice for your search of finding best printer under 10000 for home use in India, it can serve your  all the printing needs required for home use. 


  • Economical and decent Quality prints
  • In this price its real value for money
  • Print Speed is good for this price range as compared to others


  • Not good for very fine fonts of small size
  • No wifi connectivity

The best Inkjet printer under 10000 for home use we have

#2. HP Deskjet 3636 All-in-One ink advantage

best printer under 10000 for home use


It is a great choice for home use printer under 10000 it comes with ink advantage printing. This type of printing makes  it at cheap with prices as low as  rupees Rs 1.4 for black and white prints and rupees Rs 4.5 for color prints as per ISO standards. 

It uses HP 680 tri-color Ink cartridges which produces great quality color and crisp black and white prints. It prints of up to 480 pages for black and white and 150 pages of color printouts in single cartridge.

Most of the inkjet printers have slow printing speed but still this HP Deskjet 3636 manages to print about  8 pages per minute of black and white Prints and 6 pages per minute of high quality color printouts which is enough for home use printer under 10000 price as speed is not a factor while selecting a printer for home use in most cases. 

The HP Smart Apps helps you to manage your printing task directly from your mobile devices which is quite a relief for those who don’t have laptop or a PC.  Now it will be very easy just connect your mobile and start printing your text documents photos and pictures of your choice easily.

 The voice activated printing makes it more special, just give the voice command and your printer will do the job, it works with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant as well. 

For regular household use of 300 pages per month printing this is a good option to go and the duty cycle of 1000 pages of a 4 prints it becomes an ideal choice for best printer under 10000 for home use category. 

With almost all the page sizes supported like A4 B5 A6 DL envelope you can print upto a resolution of 4800 X 1200 optimized DPI color and up to 1200 X 1200 DPI black.

It is very sleek and compact design two fit  in any place and any corner of your house on the table on the desk in the cupboard shelf this makes this an easy to use printer.  There is quiet mode that makes your printing noiseless enjoy a silent experience with this printer. 

 The Wi-Fi connection  makes your printing experience easy now you can remotely order your print from the comfort of your home  with this printer. It has have simple icons down the control panel for print scan copy functions as easy as the wireless function .

The fine quality printing is worth the price to pay for this printer, it will surely bring a smile on your face when you will see the printed photo of your loved ones in this inkjet printer that makes most preferred choice in this segment of best printer for home use under 10000 in India.


  • HP Smart App Mobile printing
  • Good for Photo Printing
  • Voice Activated Printing with Alexa and Google Print
  • Air Print compatibility
  • Quiet Mode


  • Ink cartridge may be a little costly for some users
  • Color Cartridges may get used very fast

 The best Laser printer under 10000 for home use we have

#3. HP LaserJet Pro M17 w

best printer under 10000 for home use

This is a compact single function wireless printer most popular among home use and office which require large volume of document printing at super fast speed with the cheapest and lowest prices.

 It comes with a pre installed original HP toner cartridge to print your finest quality text documents effectively.

 The HP Smart App function helps printing task from your mobile phone very easy and on the go. 

 You can print upto 20 pages per minute of high-speed printing with this affordable printer with per page cost as low as 1.4 rupees as per ISO standards and the compatible laser toner HP 47a gives a  page yield of 1400 pages  of fine quality black and white Prints. 

 It if you required document printing most of your time you should always go for a laser printer because they are fast and cheaper when text printing is concerned. We recommend Hp 47A laser jet in the best printer under 10000 for home use in India category for fast and cheap printing experience.

 This printer can print upto 8000 pages per month but it is not recommended to be used to this extent.

You can easily connect with your Wi-Fi and enjoy a smooth printing experience remotely from any corner of your house also with USB 2.0 you can connect to a laptop or PC.

One of the drawbacks of this printer is it only has the capacity of 100 sheet output and 80 sheet input tray although you can print high volume pages with the laser printer but this sheet capacity is quite a drawback for some users if you are frequently printing out pages after pages and for this capacity of input tray you will be required to insert the paper regularly.

Printers now a days are mostly environment friendly and cost efficient so this printer also gives energy saving by auto on-off feature which turn off the printer when not in use automatically.

You can choose this printer if you require single function printer at affordable prices. For your search of best printer under 10000 for home use this laser printer is good for high volume cheap printing of text documents. 


  • Good Printing Speed
  • Small and compact size
  • Low operational cost
  • Good on Energy Savings
  • Good Print Quality
  • Automatic Paper Sensor


  • Toner cartridge is small as compared to others
  • Input and output tray capacity is low

The best All In One Multifunction printer under 10000 for home use we have

#4. Canon Pixma G 2012 All in One Ink Tank Color Printer

best printer under 10000 for home use


For your high volume printing needs Canon has Pixma G2012 ink tank printer famous for its low cost printing copying and scanning . Pixma G2012 is a powerhouse all in one printer. It’s high quality color printing and high quality black/white document, text and graphics in the cheapest possible prices in the market has long been users favorite among the best printer under 10000 for home use in India category.

It fulfills all the major needs of a good Home use printer you can turn out hundreds of pages with this ink tank printer. The ink tanks are embedded on the front panel  so you can monitor the ink levels and refill it whenever needed. When the ink tank are full you can print about 6000 pages of black/white and 7000 pages of color prints. which makes it an ink efficient printer and recommended as best all in one printer under 10000 for home use in India category. Canon gives  4 extra bottles of ink  so that you will not  be buying  inks any sooner. 

 This is a very high quality Color photo printer which can print borderless photos also a favorite among photographers.

It has slow speed which is not a deciding factor for buying a home printer but it still it manages to print about 9 pages per minute of black and 5 pages per minute of color prints easily.

 With the cost of 9 paise per page for black and white sand 32 paise per page of color prints. This printer makes with a preferred choice among home use and small office users who required regular printing of more than 300 pages per month.

It also supports almost all the page sizes be it 4 by 6 inches to regular A4, Letter Legal A5 and B5 print media. The liquid ink makes it a perfect blend while printing photos it gives vibrant color and makes your photo prints as lively as possible.


  • Print quality is very good
  • Durable printer
  • Cheap prints as compared to other printers
  • Cleaning and maintenance is easy


  • Not for Mac Users
  • Big size and bulky

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Some other options that can be considered for best printer under 10000 for home use in India

#5. Brother HL – L2321d Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

best printer under 10000 for home use

This is a single function laser printing beast built for high volume, high capacity laser printing of black and white text documents for home and office use and even for small medium businesses.

This brother printer has an automatic duplex printing capability which does not feature in any other printer under  10000 home use printers category which makes it a unique choice if you require automatic duplex printing.

Duplex printing feature allows you to save paper, it is mostly used when printing books most of the printers have a manual duplex facility in this price. 

 You can print pages after pages at the speed of 30 page per minute which is also quite high rate of printing. This speed is a basic requirement for high volume printing.

 The printing resolution is 2400 x 600 DPI good quality text printouts with the finest of the details will be visible in your prints.

The massive 250 sheets paper tray capacity gives it an advantage over other printers and says is for itself how capable is this printer for high volume printing and make it a suitable choice for best printer under 10000 for home use in India for black and white printing .

Very good build quality which makes it durable and for long term use, it’s design was awarded in 2018 and has been ranked number one in reliability and customer satisfaction 10 years in a row.

Most all the paper sizes are supported with A4-letter A5 ,A5 long edge, A6 edge, legal folio, Mexico legal , India legal

With the compatible toner TN 2365 you can print upto 2600 pages of prints. The duty cycle of 10,000 pages per month that makes it ideal for any kind of usage and makes a perfect fit if you required b/w text document printing under this price range.


  • Heavy duty Laser printer
  • Good for high volume Text Printing
  • Automatic Duplex Printer
  • High page speed for printing
  • Massive paper tray capacity
  • Durability and built quality


  • No wireless
  • No mobile printing



Cheapest option for best printer under 10000 for home use in India

#6. Canon Pixma E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Color Printer

best printer under 10000 for home use


For your search of best printer under 10000 for home use in India this cheap printer almost under 5000. This all in one inkjet printer is a good choice when you have budget constraints. It has a USB connectivity along with wireless and wi-fi direct, Google cloud print and also has Canon Selphy app for mobile printing. 

With the compatible cartridges PG 47 we can print up to 400 pages of black print which are mostly of standard quality  and with serial CL57 cartridge we can print up to 300 pages of color printouts.  The print quality is above average still worth the money you spend.

The speed is actually good as compared to other printers it gives around 8 pages per minute of black Prints and 4 pages per minute of color printouts. For a cheap printer like this the cost per page of rupees 1.4 black and white and rupees 4 for color printouts is quite amazing.

This printer actually fits very well in the best printer under 10000 home use category because it is cheap and the cost per page is also least as compared to other printer which are available on much higher prices.

For your normal printing of the page A4 A5 B5 letter legal pages it is a good option. If you are looking for a printer for your house use in this price range go for it.

Most of the reviews about the print quality of this printer are positive but the ink cartridge almost give up to 250 to 300 pages most of the users advice to manual ink refilling to get the most out of the ink cartridge .

The energy saving features also make it a great choice it automatically turns off after 10 minutes being idle.

Wireless printing is quite amazing and simple to configure and easy to use.

Complaints about the printer being a little noisy and for photographers borderless printing and the quality of color prints may not be of high standard.

All in all it is average printer for home and office use if you are looking to print upto 100 to 200 pages per month and the price range is suited for you than can go for it.


  • The Auto Document Feeder
  • Duplex Printing
  • Easy wireless setup and printing
  • Good for printing photos borderless printing
  • low cost cartridge


  • A little bit noisy
  • Check Availability of ink Cartridge in your city


The smallest and most compact best printer under 10000 for home use in India

#7. HP DeskJet 2676 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless Color Printer

best printer under 10000 for home use

This is All-in-One ink advantage wireless printer with energy star rating will not affect your energy bills. It is a color printer, nice and compact with the smallest footprint which can be adjusted on any of workspace.  Print your documents text, color, photos with the highest quality HP ink to your satisfaction from your iPhone or iPad using  airprint and from your smart phone and tablets running on Android or whether you are using your PC laptop. 

It has HP all in one printer remote app which helps you connect multiple users through this printer from a smartphone or Tablet and and easily print documents without a network. The HP all in one remote app makes it very easy for remote printing and guide you every step on the smartphone for the best experience.

Enjoy hands-free printing with voice activated commands that works well with Alexa and Google assistant just order your prints sitting far away from the printer or you can just plug in your USB  to your PC your laptop and do  printing the conventional way.

A decent choice for your search of best printer under 10000 for home use in India segment.

There will be no paper jams problems with the convenient output tray that allows easy printing even if you are not looking over the printing job. Also the tray have a flap which can be closed to make it even more compact when the printer is not in use.

The user interface is very convenient with a small LCD screen and few buttons you can easily control your printing job.

Using compatible HP 680 cartridge  you can achieve a page yield of print of 450 pages of black and white and 150 pages of color prints. It has come up with a new  Ink cartridge for high quality prints  which gives consistent performance lifelong if your printing need is more than the ink capacity of the cartridge.

HP had introduce XL cartridge to meet the needs of your large amount of printing you can print twice the amount of pages than the standard ink Cartridges.

Print speed is not great it gives standard of 7 pages black and white and 5 pages of color per minute.

It is best suited for home use which require around 300 pages per month of printing and can go to maximum printing of up to 800 pages of per month. 

The printer dimensions are  42 x 30 x 15 with the weight of around just 1.5 kg which can be lifted by a 5 year old easily .

You can print your document send photos in A4 B5 A6 DL envelopes the printing resolution of 1200 X 1200 pretty standard for a printer in this category

It is good choice for a price tag of around 6000 for your search of best printer under 10000 for home use in India segment.



 The best Photo Printer under 10000 for home use in India  

#8. HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Color Printer

best printer under 10000 for home use

Make your print out lively with the vibrant colors of HP ink tank printer the most preferred choice for color printing  needs get your seamless  photo prints without the unwanted white spaces.

This is  all in one ink tank printer which prints at cheap cost of 10 paisa for black and white and 18 paisa for color Prints. The printing speed  of 7.5 pages per minute for black and white prints and five pages per minute for color printing which have a maximum output capacity of 25 sheets. 

The pages supported are A4 B5 A6 DL and envelope. HP claims that the printer has a printing resolution of up to 4800 X 1200 optimized DPI color and for black print out the resolution is 1200 X 1200 rendered DPI.

While using the compatible HP ink HP gt52 original color ink of (Cyan Magenta yellow) it can give a page yield of  8000 pages of high quality color prints and with the HP compatible ink GT 51 we can get up to 6000 of black and white prints as per ISO standards 

The recommended duty cycle for monthly printout is 1000 pages per month with which should not be printed to that extent but for a good use of regular printing for 300 pages per month it can be your choice for best printer under 10000 for home use category.

The HP is very proud of its unique ink filling system, it is simple spill free refueling you can conveniently fill the ink Tank without any wastage or any mess they have developed a unique ink Tank system for hassle-free ink management you can monitor the ink levels from the side adjustment panel.

This is also a user friendly photo printer choice for your search of best printer under 10000 for home use.



Canon Pixma G 6070 Review


We are printing irrespective of how much we all want to move towards a paperless world actually the amount of  printing we are doing is more and more if you have a school going child in your house you know the amount    of printing you’re doing in your home use is incredible    and schools are the ones that talk about to save paper and schools are the ones that    actually talk about save the world save    energy save water but they’re not doing    anything about it.

Ink tank printers for sure  I don’t know when that’ll come in fact I    find it ironic that my children go to a    school and that school says don’t even    wrap your gifts in gift wrapping paper    use old newspaper but I think we print    about 1,000 pages for your per child if    you are one of those or you have any    other kind of  home use or office or  small  business you run personal    printing or anything else that you’re  running.

Canon Pixma G6070 is a suitable choice if your are looking for best printer under 10000 for home use.

The cool part about this is of course ink tank    printer and the cost per page has been    dramatically reduced in fact  it’s for black and  white somewhere between 8 to 10 paisa per page and it can do a huge number    of pages in fact once you fill up the    ink tank for black you can do some 8000 pages of black-and-white    printing which is incredible.

But let’s take a look at the rest of the features of this printer look at these glossy images in front of  you this in fact is a result of few taps and  clicks on a phone and of course a great printer. Affordable high-volume printing under 10000 is a category that we believe  is a necessity now and for that search of finding the best printer under 10000 for home use which is why when the    Canon pixma g6070 came our way we decided to test out.

Canon has expanded its Pixma G series line and what we have  the Pixma g6070 a    multifunction printer which can be used    as a copier and a scanner it boasts at    canons famous in tank design which    enables automatic two-sided printing and fits it against    HP’s laser tank printers and like the HP    ones this too is targeted at small and    medium businesses but we hear it also may be the best printer for home use under 10000.

Once you    connect the printer to a power source    download the Canon print inkjet selphy app to completely control the printer    and enjoy its many benefits there is a direct Wi-Fi button on the printer and    all you need to do is long press and    follow the instructions in the app to    pair the printer we found it pretty    simple and you can connect up to five    devices to the same printer which is    great for an office space once you pair    the app and the printer you can print    photos and documents directly from your    phone and connectivity holds well up to    50 meters.

once you    flip the lid open you will find the  ink  holders being we tried adding ink    ourselves and it was pretty easy we are    told that these new holders are Spill  proof because of the new ink bottle    design which drains readily into empty    ink tanks.    Canon has also incorporated a    transportation lock so if you lock this    lever right here no ink will move or  spill should you move the printer from one point to another. A very smart move by canon that make it very easy to use and carry a smart thing to consider for your best printer under 10000 search.

This printer is great for office spaces and home use with high volume printing needs since it can deliver up to 8300    black and white and 7700 color pages on  a bundle set of four in bottles so  that’s pretty cost-efficient you can print photos and set the paper size among other things directly through the  app.

Color prints like glossy  photographs take more than 30 seconds to eject but that’s pretty good as for  industry standards and while the glossy  prints had vivid colors and create  clarity even the black and white prints    were clear you can print from your  social media accounts as well which is    great for home use printer under 10000.

If you want to print    some quick photos for your picture wall    you can adjust the paper size in the top    tray by holding down light blue    lever and print A4, 4×6 among other    sizes and if you’re printing photos    through the app the printer    automatically knows to use a glossy    paper in the top tray.

Canon claims that the printing cost is approximately eight paisa per print in comparison to more    laser printers where costs are up to two    rupees per print with original toners    you can also scan pages on this tray you    can use a two line LCD panel to perform    printer functions and check settings on    the panel on the front.

This printer    gives some good quality prints and    fulfills the basic and even the not so    basic needs of a small business it’s    also great for those of you who work    from home and have printing needs .

The price is competitive especially since it    gives both color and black and white    options are advised go for this if    you’re starting a small business or home use in best printer under 10000 for home use in India category.


What is ink tank technology and

Why ink tank printers should be chosen for best printer under 10000 for home use ?

Ink tank  printers  have a tank of ink containers  attached to them which makes the cost of  printing very cheap as when compared through ink cartridge printers. In normal inkjet printers we have to  buy a new ink cartridge when the ink finishes but in ink tanks of these new printers  can be easily refilled by ink bottles.

so let’s start  our comparison between best hp printers under 10000 for home use with our first contender  HP ink tank printer the gt 5810 and  the GT 5820

HP offers  to such printers namely the GT 5810 &  5820  the latter is an upgraded version of the  first one but without significant  changes in function and features getting  one of them will help you to lower  monthly printing cost extensively.

if HP  advertisements regarding the promotion  of ink tank printers were to be trusted  monthly printing cost in your office  would be lowered by 95 percent

the HP  ink tank printers especially the GT 5810 model have a very high yield  capacity in fact it prints 8000 colored  and 5000 black and white pages from one  set of bottles

a set of ink bottles is  usually priced between 600 rupees  thus HP is varied right with a claim  that its ink tank printers can print in  color and black and white in less than  10 Paisa per page I  think this is the best one can expect  from a new  technology and from HP tank printer.

So a clear winner between the the two hp printers for the search of best printer under 10000 for home use is HP GT5810

Epson with  its huge range of ink tank printers but the epson L 1310 ink tank  printer which is priced at around  in a low  budget Epsons 1130  printer is  another desirable printer for a small  office or home use it has a compact build it is  economical to despite being a budget  printer it offers best quality printing  in fact the maximum print resolution can  be as high as 5740 x  1440 dpi based on smart ink tank  technology it could print close to 6000  thousand pages  officially the figure is 6500 just reminder a set of  color and black and white ink bottles  cost less than 1000 rupees

The Epson L 8105 colored inkjet printer, Epson has been trying to tap every  segment of market with its efficient  printers  based on smart ink tank technology the Epson L8105 is a reliable printer on the name  of connectivity it is equipped with the  USB and Wi-Fi this is not a  multi-function printer its consists of  one capability just printing solution in  laser and color mode as far as printing  speed is concerned it is not at all the  best at only 5 pages per minute however  its operational cost is very low.

The Epson ink tank printer ET 455   it is the Costliest printer on our  list how would you react if I say the  new heavy-duty Epson printer based on  smart ink tank technology can print  11000 pages in black and white  and 8500 pages in  color from one set of ink bottles this  is a multi-function printer so it offers  prints scan copy and fax solutions as  well it is made very efficient in terms  of power consumption in fact even at the  operational pick it will not consume  more than eleven watt energy the maximum  printer resolution is  4820 x 1200 dpi

Its printing  speed is close to seven pages in color  and thirteen pages in black and white  for a minute furthermore its  connectivity front consists of a  wireless LAN and Wi-Fi direct

Brother DCP series  has three  models in the ink tank printer race that  dcp T300 & T500 & T 700 the only  difference between the dcp t300 and 500  is that of Wi-Fi and between the T 700 and 500 is that of an automatic  feeder.

The  t700  has an impressive 6000 pages the t700 is more than good for a  medium sized office of home use  it’s printing speed  is too fast on an average twenty pages per  minute and the first page prints in only 10 seconds. It has some problems like pages getting  stuck in the printer and printer not  taking pages automatically through the  feeder when the quantity of pages is low. But it is the printer when a large chunk  of pages has to be printed  keeping per page printing cost very low.

Canon Pixma  series  canon’s decision to join ink tank  market is  surprising according to customers  testimony on shopping websites Canon  comes at the top in the list of printer brands that exploits consumers really  hard with costly cartridges and ink tank  technology puts an end to their monopoly

The Canon Pixma print machine will give  close to 6,000 pages printed from a  single ink bottle and I think it’s  appropriate to mention one more time  one can buy ink from third-party  manufacturers by paying less than  thousand rupees.

In terms of print  quality there is no match to Canon  printers they are not the best printers  however when it comes to lowering per page cost  like 40 paisa  to 60 paisa per page might sound astonishing then but it is true. A regular  Canon printer prints at around Rs 2 to Rs 5 per page.

the  verdict all the printers are really good  but the ones which particularly shown in  our tests for the epson and canon ones  not only they had good build quality but  also great printing at a surprising cost  the HP ones were good but not up to the  power with canon an epson because of  their built quality and the last one is  brother-brother  has some unique features of its leaves  like the LCD screen and being able to  print 99 pages at once but the problems  were too bad to be ignored. We hope you will make a good decision in selecting the best printer under 10000 for home use in India.

Watch this video to get to know about top 3 best printer  for home use under 10000 in India.

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