Canon Pixma G3010 Ink Tank Printer Review

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Canon Pixma G3010 Ink Tank Printer Review

While looking for a printer which would effectively help save costs in the long run. My laser printer not being color did handicap for some projects. So I wanted color and also budget printing. Ink tank printers being the in thing now with its claim of being able to save money in the longrun, I picked up the Canon Pixma G3010an ink tank color printer with wireless capabilities.

Canon Pixma G3010 Ink Tank Printer Review

Let’s set it up and check it out.I have here with me the Canon Pixma G3010,an ink tank printer which has literal tanks on the printer which are to be filled manually with ink.

The box claims 6000 black prints and 7000color prints, canon claims 8 paise for B/Wand 21 paise for color per print. I will be able to test this claim after a few months or more of use. Individual ink bottles are available for purchase, so purchase as required.

Ok, now for the unboxing, here’s the receipt, power cord which is reversible, usb to USB

A cable, a manual, Driver CD and other documents. Here are the ink bottles and printer cartridges.

We have black, Magneta, Cyan And Yellow Here’s the black cartridge and this one’s color.

Let’s get the printer out and move the box out of the way. Here’s the printer, nice matte black finish. The top is the scanner section, this being an all in one printer with the Scan/Print/Copy functionality.

Here are the color bottles, we will now need to fill the individual tanks present on the printer. Let’s remove all these protective stickers. The buttons are all arranged on the right side of the printer, which is also where you’ll find the LCD display.

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This is how the printer opens up, the printer cartridges would be installed here. Color on the left and black on the right. Starting with color, remove all stickers, match the contacts and install. Similarly for black. Once they’re in, close down the top and lock it down using these buttons.

Now for the colors. Here’s where we have the color tanks, C,M and Y They’re empty at the moment, and being transparent we can see the ink levels here. Black is on the opposite side, and is a bit bigger tank too. We have these rubber plugs to keep the tanks secure, let’s start filling the ink tanks.

Make sure you fill the right color in the right tank. Colors are displayed above the tank to indicate which one is to be filled where. Starting off with yellow. You can see the ink level rising in the tank. Plug it up,Done. Now for Magenta, Fill, plug, next color Cyan, same process. Now for Black, on the opposite side of the printer.

Once all the tanks are full, we need to power on the printer. The LCD screen would display a droplet symbol indicating low ink. Hit the black scan button and leave it for5-10 minutes for it to set up. The printer would be going through the ink charging process where the inks are pulled into the corresponding tubes which lead to the cartridges, getting it ready for printing.

We have the wifi symbol and the number display blink and change, indicating that the process is underway. We can see the ink levels go down here. Well, even after 15-20 minutes it was showing the chagrin symbol, I turned the printer off and then switched it on and the printer was actually ready.

Look at the tubes going to the cartridges, they’re full of ink now. The printer supports printing via mobile phone, install the canon print app to control the printer via mobile. You can print documents, photos directly via your phone. When connecting to the printer via wifi-direct, the password is your printer’s serial number. We need to install the driver’s for the printer in windows, windows does load a generic driver automatically, but to get access to all the functionality the printer provides installing the suite will be helpful.

If you don’t want any bloat ware on the system you could go the basic driver installation. Mac machines are not supported as written on the box. Browse to Select the printer model, download driver, install. Done.

Let’s try a test print. Looks good. The good thing I’ve heard about this printer is it’s photo printing capability. Let’s give it a try. We have to place the photo paper in the vertical orientation, glossy side up. This print is in real time, if you need to know how long a photo print would take.

I have actual photo paper which is 6×4 in size. The print is out in 24 seconds and is quite a good print. The Canon Pixma G3010 is a good compact home/office printer if your printing needs are not too heavy. A one year limited warranty is provided, which is for technical problems only, which is normal. Importantly this printer will not work on Mac systems, which is also marked on the box, surprising why it’s not supported.

The ink piping system developed by Canon promises that the printer would start printing even if left for two months without use. I have had inkjet printers dry out and then stop printing completely, hope this one doesn’t. I have been using it for a month now, and I have had no problems as yet. The initial investment is higher as compared to inkjet printers, but in the long run the costs do decrease as we only need to replace the ink instead of the entire cartridge. Well that was the setup and quick review of the Canon Pixma.

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