HP Officejet Pro 9015 Review

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Printers can be a pain they are a necessary part of our daily work lives whether it is in office or home use but troubleshooting or setting up printers can be more work than it actually needs to be but it doesn’t have to be the case and this
printer the HP Officejet Pro 9015

From the basic things like printing out return labels o contracts or copies of invoices or other financial documents to the more advanced things like printing out color photos for a certain creative ideas mock-ups or
presentations I print quite frequently.

The HP Office jet Pro 9015 is an all-in-one is a color and black-and-white printer has a scanner copier and fax system all built-in so setup was incredibly easy with the adjustable touchscreen display upfront and took me about five minutes to get the printer ready to print and install

The HP smart apps all my devices for wireless printing and of course the ink situation is not a pain here HP offers its instant ink service for this printer the printer knows when it’s running low orders more ink and basically ensures you always have ink for your printer delivered right to your door so you won’t run out and you actually save money on ink in the long run up to 50 percent depending on which plan you choose and

There are five different plans and you can choose the best one depending on your business or lifestyle
you don’t have to stress about wasting ink printing on high quality color photos with HP instant ink
black-and-white photos and color photos cost the exact same amounts so print away there’s no stress here just make sure you enable instant ink when setting up the printer as you get two months of the service for free right away

So that’s the ink situation now in day-to-day usage it’s also just an excellent printer it has stellar sharp quality for black and white text documents stunning beautiful color printouts which are usable for flyers posters cards or any other professional color printing situations and scans and copies turn out crisp as well

it’s the quality expect for an HP printer of this class and if this is all the printer did I’d probably
be happy with it but there is so much more to this printer because it’s a smart printer and of course that word is thrown around a lot

I have a smart toothbrush but the printer truly does actually have real smart features that speed up my work and help to eliminate stresses during daily business so let’s talk about the Wi-Fi wireless connectivity first and you may be thinking Wi-Fi wireless connectivity that’s gonna be a pain to use but it’s not from all my testing

I’ve had absolutely no issues using just Wi-Fi on this printer and it features self-healing Wi-Fi so if a connectivity issue does happen to occur the printer will fix it by itself so it’s not something you have to stress about the printers got it covered to print you can use the HP smart app on your device or just use the softer prompt and printing out of documents or image

you can also plug the printer directly into your device or use a USB port on the side for plugging a flash drive or SSD for printing you can also set up the printer to print things away from your home or office or scan things when you’re out and about using the built-in app scanner and send them through to the printer and have them ready to print out

when you get back you can also scan multiple pages into one document for easy sharing which can be very helpful.

the app this is where things get really interesting so besides having a built-in scanner and the ability to print out documents or photos from your phone or from any accounts you add the app also has smart tasks this is basically a feature that expedites certain tasks involving scanning and printing and it’s incredibly useful.

for example you can set up a task like when you scan a document on your phone with the app scanner it will automatically print it out with your various preferences save it to your cloud storage platform of choice and email a fully editable or searchable document version to yourself a co-worker your accountant or someone
else you choose

It’s fully customizable and can really save you a lot of time from my testing smart tasks pretty much takes tasks and does them in half the amount of time compared to doing it all individually and all of this is secured
between protecting the printer itself from malware or viruses to actually protecting your data and documents being sent to it the printer keeps your files and personal business to yourself the way it should be

To conclude
This printer is special it’s really the first printer I’ve ever enjoyed owning and ever enjoyed using words I
never thought I would ever be saying besides doing the basics like scanning and printing and copying exceptionally well the HP Office Jet Pro 9015 is also a printer that takes care of itself and saves you time with it’s smart features making your business operations more efficient on a daily basis it doesn’t make my life any more difficult but rather makes my life easier

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