Epson Sure color P800 inkjet printer & Canon Pixma Pro 1000

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Epson Sure color P800 inkjet printer

The Epson Sure color P800 inkjet printer this is a high-end powerful printer. It prints sizes up to 17 inches by 22 inches which is very good. It means that you can print most art projects that you are working on because I doubt that you’re working on something bigger than 17 by 22 inches.

Now about the ink so Epson use a pigment based ink on this printer. The pigment-based inks are known to be very good with art paper, dye-based inks are another option however they are not recommended because they based inks on our paper usually give you a faded look so for the richer colors and more vibrant look make sure stick with pigment based ink printers.

This printer uses epson’s ultra chrome HD inks and it ensures vivid colors and superior black density you see they use a nine color ultra chrome ink system with up to 2880 by 1440 dpi so the inks on this printer make it a very good option for printing black and white art prints thanks to the three level of black colors.

Epson even promised that prints last up to two hundred years for colored prints and up to four hundred years for black and white prints so if you want the new generations to see your art this is definitely a good option. Epson also use big ink tanks so they use eighteen milliliter ink tanks which means that you get much better value and buying ink because you’re buying more ink rather than just buying the cartridges and where this printer excels is with its role media printing capabilities it excels above all the other printers in also home use on this list on role media printing.

So if you plan on doing role Media printing definitely stick with this one because it has a cut and roll media option another good thing about the Epson sure color P800 is the fact that it has very good versatility so it handles very versatile types of media so even if your going to print some thick things people have successfully printed on canvas with this printer and it’s very easy to use thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen interface and you can print using USB Wi-Fi and Ethernet the only known con about this printer is it wastes some ink when switching between black and white mode and color mode.

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Canon Pixma Pro 1000 printer

The Canon Pixma Pro 1000 this is the high-end printer King so this is going to be the best high-end printer option. It is very close to the performance of the P800 however it excels in some other areas so first of all let’s talk about the features.

It has an amazing anti clogging technology so if you have used pigment-based ink printers before you are going to know that they clog up a lot however Canon put an end to this problem by using their anti clogging technology.

It uses an extremely fine print head that is also replaceable this is the main reason why it’s a better option than the
P 800 because if your printer head dies then your printer dies with it because without a printer head you can’t print and thankfully cannot thought about this so you don’t have to replace the whole printer if it goes wrong you just replace the print head. This is not the case with laser printer

The Canon pro 1000 uses an air feeding system preventing page skewing and ensuring accurate in placement so basically what that means is kind of used some type of air suction that makes sure the paper stays put and doesn’t get stuck in the printer which solves another common problem.

The ink used in this printer is the lúcia pro ink system with 11 colors plus Chroma optimizer ink system it totals out with 12 colored inks this printer produces extremely accurate and deep blacks thanks to the many colors of black in the ink system.

It also comes with a software called print Studio Pro v2 which is compatible with Adobe Photoshop this helps you set up your print correctly and it makes sure that you see what it looks like before you actually print it out you see another common problem with Printer is that when you will look at them on the screen they look amazing and then you print them out and they look like trash however using this software they solve that problem.

The Print Studio Pro shows you exactly what the print is going to look like on the screen before it comes out on the paper so you won’t be surprised when you see any problems so you won’t be wasting ink you are going to see exactly how your artwork is going to turnout on the screen and then if you’re happy with it you can print it out it also comes with all connectivity options as other printers USB Wi-Fi and Ethernet you could also print using your phone

However the printer is pretty over kill for that another problem solved by Canon is that this printer does not use extra ink when switching between modes this printer is intended for professional use and it will give you amazing results so if you want the best results possible this is the way to go keep in mind the only problem with this printer is there is no roll or a media support oh yeah and it’s extremely heavy it weighs 70.5pounds.


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