Printing for work from home Hp Office Jet Pro 8035

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Printing with HP Office jet pro

One important piece of tech that’s seeing a resurgence due to the vast amount of people who are spending time working from home and telecommuting is the printer. Printers for the home and small business have historically been a pain point, with annoying setup, constantly worrying about the ink running out, connectivity issues, and the fact that we now access documents on so many devices these days that we also need to print from.

We’ve all seen that one scene from Office Space, HP is looking to solve all that with the Office Jet Pro 8035, all in one printer, the Office Jet Pro 8035 has been completely redesigned to be a productivity hub for small businesses and those who are working from home.

As someone who runs three small businesses out of his own home, I’ve partnered with HP to check out the OfficeJet Pro 8035 here’s a quick look at the hardware and if you want more info on where you can pick one of this up as I go through these features, I’ll have a link down in the description below.

You have a 35 page automatic document feeder here on top with a flatbed scanner underneath, these are also great for faxing which this printer also supports. On the front there’s a 2.7inch color touch display and beneath that is the60 sheet output tray. The Office Jet Pro 8035can print up to 20 pages per minute in black and white or 10 pages per minute in color. The paper input tray itself can hold 225 sheets of paper and the walk-up USB port on the side gives you some added flexibility which I will talk about later in the video.

Now I know a lot of people are likely thinking, why do you need a printer in this day and age? You can just email anything to anyone. Well, I’ve personally found myself needing to print documents three times ,in the past five days, a packing slip, a document that required a wet signature and three shipping labels, that’s just part of the business.

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Technical aspects of Printer

Now that I’ve been using it for a while, let me tell you about some of the benefits that I’ve found when using the HP Office Jet Pro 8035 starting with the HP Smart app, the reason I wanted to start with the Smart App is that it instantly shows you that this device is about more than just printing. If you look at the smart task feature, for example, you’ll see that you can use your smartphone to scan a document, save it to the cloud and print it, all with a single tap, saving the time that it would take to do it as a multistep process.

Alternatively, you can also access documents that you have stored in the cloud services from your mobile device and print a hard copy directly from the Office Jet Pro 8035. The Hp Smart app basically gives you access to a bunch of printing functionality no matter where you are. Next up, let’s work backward a bit, I was excited to talk about the smart app upfront but one of the big pains, when you get a new printer, is the setup process.

Thankfully, HP took that into account here with the Office Jet Pro 8035, it’s easy to pull the printer out of the box and then find a spot where you want it to live. That same smart app that I talked about a minute ago was also used hereto make setup simple. The app gets the printer setup on your WiFi network quickly, although you do have the option of going wired if you prefer and there’s need for any cables, installation CDs or downloading software drivers.

Another pain point that is addressing here is the fear of running out of ink, ink anxiety, if you will, thanks to something they call HP Instant Ink. Here’s how it works, you sign up with HP Instant Ink and you’ll save up to 50%on ink costs, new ink will be delivered automatically so you’re never in a situation where ink runs out and you don’t have replacement cartridges. How does HP know when to send you a new shipment?

The OfficeJet Pro 8035 will automatically order ink when you’re running low using its internet connection. Of course, you can use the HP Smart app to manage your account, check print volume and change your Instant Ink plan at any time. Now, here’s the best part, when you buy the Office Jet Pro 8035 you get eight months of ink included with your purchase, you’ll find a code in the box that you can redeem in order to get the eight months of ink, good for printing 100 pages per month for eight months or 800 pages in total.

This applies to both black and white and full color prints so there’s no need to worry that you should be printing something in grayscale if they should actually be printed in color. Next up, let’s talk about the Walk-up USB Port, when it comes to devices that I use, I like having options, sometimes you may not want to scan something to your phone directly and instead you wanna create a digital copy that you can then hand to someone else, the USB port on the side of the OfficeJet Pro 8035allows for that kind of flexibility, not only can you scan PDFs and photos and have them saved directly to a USB drive but you can also use the port to read from a USB drive in order to print document that you have stored on it without having to move them to another device first.

Alternatively, sometimes you have exactly what you want to print located on one of many devices, a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you need to be able to print from any of these reliably and one way the Office JetPro 8035 helps there is with the self-healing WiFi feature, the printer will actively and automatically detect any network issues on its own and then it’ll try to reconnect to your wireless network, if it can’t reconnect within five minutes, then it’ll check to see if there was a recent power cycle or if you’d recently reset your WiFi password and if you had, then the printer will prompt you for the new password if neither of those took place, then the printer will reset its own wireless connection.

If settings have changed, the Office Jet Pro 8035 will then guide you through its wireless network setup to get you back up and running. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8035is available right now, again, I’ll have a link down in the description below to where you can pick one up for yourself. Let me know, have you found yourself in need of a printer recently?And what do you think of a printer that automatically monitors your ink levels and takes care of ordering for you? Let me know down in the comments below

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