Best Black and White Laser Printer for Home use in India 2020

Having a printer for your home has become an essential need whether you are a working individual or a student at some point of time you think of buying a printer. We have reviewed for you Canon Image Class LBP 2900B in the best black and white laser printer for home use category. 

This Canon printer can give you high quality of black and white print outs in fast speed. Now it comes with an Automatic Image Refinement to give you the superior quality printouts with the finest of details and this can be your ultimate solution to your search of the best black and white laser printer for home use requirement.

The positive users reviews of amazon can tell you about the efficiency of this black and white laser printer.

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Canon has been known for its high quality advanced printing technology. This image class laser printer is designed for  medium to low volume  printing requirements  generally for homes and small offices. Now you can easily print upto 200 to 800 pages per month of high quality black and white prints. With printing resolution of 2400 x 600 DPI this is well regarded as one of the best black and white laser printer for home use in India. 

The page yield claims to be 2000 pages for compatible Canon cartridge 303 which is very much ideal for home usage 

The  the printing speed 12 pages per minute quite decent for low volume printing may a problem for some users who need quicker prints.

You can connect your printer through USB cable it does not offer wireless connectivity. The operating system supported are Windows XP and above , the page size supported are A4 A5 B5 legal and letter. 

The printer has a small size of 45 X 37 X 35 cm that can be easily adjusted on your desktop table its weighs around 8 kg. It is quite popular in best black and white laser printer for home use in India category and known for its durability many users claim to have it using from 4 to 6 years .

You can confirm this by the star rating given by the users on most of the shopping platforms. It is a value for money printer. If the price suits you and if your requirement is text and document printing then this one of the best option for your black and white laser printer for home use.

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Some questions to ask before selecting best black and white printer for home use.

Which is better laser or inkjet printer?

This is the most common question asked before buying a printer.

This all depend upon the need of printing for high volume black and white document printing laser printer are the best choice.

When you don’t require very frequent printing inkjet can be a good choice for home uses.

Laser printer are costly but are cheaper to maintain the purchase cost of a laser printer is far less than a inkjet printer. The most advanced black and white laser printers print as much as 10 paise per page.

While in inkjet printers the cost per page is about about  Rs 4 to 6 per page but you can get inkjet printers for cheaper price however refilling Inkjet Printer can be a real headache and can burn a hole in your pocket.

In laser printer toner powder is used which transfer heat on the paper and prints using static electricity. There is a plus point in this toner technology if the printer is not in use for months it doesn’t dry up and when you ant to use it, it will be exactly work as fine as before.

 While using inkjet printers the cartridges tends to dry up when there is no frequent use even for 10 to 15 days, for that you have to use the printer at least three to five times in a week to get the best out of the cartridges. 

Finally it all depends upon the need if you require low volume printing and color printing or photo printing you can go for inkjet printers. 

 And if you require high volume document printing black and white then you should always go for laser printers.

There is also a third option of ink tank printers which are mostly used nowadays when the tank is almost full you can print as many as 5000 to 7000 pages colored and black and white high quality prints. The cost per page can be as low as 7 paisa to 20 paisa very ideal for frequent printing for home and small offices they come in same price range as laser printer.

Ink Tank are also a good option for your search of best black and white laser printer for home use in India. 

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser printer ?

Advantages 🙂

  • Laser printer gives high quality print out very fine to read better than inkjet printers
  • There printing speed is very high as fast as 20 to 30 pages per minute
  • They are very quiet when printing they don’t make much noise as in case of inkjet printers
  • Cost per page is very low as compared to inkjet printers
  • They don’t require high quality of paper for print out as compared to inkjet printers 
  • They are very durable and have a long life.


Disadvantages 🙁

  • They are mostly very expensive to buy so generally used for high volume printing and the color laser are even more costly.
  • Toner is also very expensive than the inkjet cartridges but the page yield is far more better than the inkjet printers
  • They are expensive to repair there’s too many complex equipment which can cause you a good amount of money in repair costs but they don’t require frequent repair.
  • There are bulky in size and larger than the inkjet printers.
  • They are not environment friendly, the toner is harmful to humans

What is the lifetime of a laser printer?

The laser printer can easily work for  around 2 to 5 years without getting any wear and tear. If some component fails then you can easily replace and extend your printers life for a much longer period. 

You will not get this advantage in an inkjet printer  because they are cheaper they don’t tend to last very long. They have easy wear and tear.

What should you look for while choosing best black and white laser printer for home use ?

We will only discuss for black and white printing in this case

If you require a lot of printing then clearly the best possible choice for your best black and white home printing requirement is laser printer. It may seem costly but it is a good value for money when you use it for a long time. It is anytime better than inkjet printer which may be cheaper but expensive to maintain.

Some Technical features of Canon Image Class LBP2900B that makes it best black and white laser printer for home use 

Features Canon Image Class LBP2900B
Printer type Laser
Functionality Single Function -Print Only
Printer output Monochrome Black and White
Connectivity USB
Duplex Printing No
Display Type No Display
Print resolution 2400 x 600 dpi
Compatible Cartridge Canon Cartridge 303
Print Speed-Black 12 page per minute
Duty cycle
Page Yield 2000 pages
Page Size Supported A4 , A5, letter, A6 , executive legal, Indian legal
Paper tray capacity 150
Ideal usage Home office , Small office
Mobile Device Compatibility No Wifi Connectivity

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