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Want to print your documents in a click. Here is HP deskjet 1112 printer, set it up easily and good to go for printing. It also very economical in conserving resources and gives maximum output about 800+ pages in a month. HP deskjet 1112 is one of the cheapest printer in the market just good enough for home use.

Printer Type – Inkjet; Functionality – Single Function (Print only) ; Printer Output – Colour
Connectivity – USB
Pages per minute – 7.5 (Black & White), 5.5 (Colour) ; Cost per page – ₹4.8 (Black & White), ₹6.6 (Colour) – As per ISO standards

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Style name:Single Function Inkjet | Pattern name:Printer

Why should you buy HP deskjet 1112 printer

HP deskjet 1112 single function inkjet color printer is most basic level printer in the market by HP. It is very popular for its economical printing and cheap price because of which it is preferred by home users and small business.

HP deskjet 1112 is highly valued for its versatility and performance and considered to be the classiest printer of all time. Inkjet printers are generally used for low volume printing as compared to laser printers and so is our HP deskjet 1112 is best choice for printing a couple of hundred pages per month.

HP deskjet quick printing

Very well known for its high quality quick printing capabilities it does not require waiting and looking at the printer for your print to come out. Just give the command and its there in front of you.

Who should buy HP deskjet 1112 printer

This model of hp inkjet series is most suitable for light printing documents which is good enough for small business and home use. with its good quality output in cheaper prices it is the best option for low volume printing job. HP deskjet 1112 can be your best pocket friendly budget printer.

Like most of the HP printers comes with ENERGY STAR certification . Our HP deskjet 1112 is also ENERGY STAR certified that means you will save a lot on power while printing your documents. with its easy installation and simple setup even a non-technical user can easily set it for working. The setup will hardly take 15-25 minutes.

Ideal for minimal printing purposes which is suitable for home printing requirements.

With its sleek design and features, HP deskjet 1112 printer can fit into any space or small office area without any hassle. For the best quality printing from HP deskjet 1112 printer only HP original ink is recommended it does affordable printing that can print up to twice as many pages with high yield ink cartridges.

A monochrome document can be printed in just 15 seconds and colored in 18 seconds. It renders up to 1200 X 1200 dpi resolution considered to be good in same category printers. The printer uses HP Thermal Inkjet technology which provides up to 4800 X 1200 optimized dpi color print quality.

There are two replacement print cartridges, 1 black and 1 tri-color.

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Who should not buy HP deskjet 1112 printer

If you are going for high volume printing that requires high yield output then you should not consider it as its comes with cheap price but the cartridges are often very high prices as compared that will increase your operating cost.

But it is good as a back up option if you have other printer and you print good amount of pages.


HP deskjet 1112 is among the highest sold printers in any shopping websites and received good reviews for its performance. Go for it for if you require printing less than 800 pages monthly other wise it will not be cost effective.

Some difference between ink jet and laser printer

Are you confused on the differences between a laser printer and an inkjet printer?

We will break it down for you and will discuss the differences between a laser printer and an inkjet printer.

The pros and cons of a laser printer.

The main difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer is, one the inkjet printer uses a liquid ink, whereas a laser printer uses a powder toner which gets fused onto the paper.

The pros to an inkjet printer would be, the initial cost up front, the quality of the image like If you wanted to do a large image quality in ink would be your best choice and the types of media that you can print on, as in paper,
denim, canvas or even vinyl.

The cons to using an inkjet printer would be the cost to replace the inkjet cartridge because inkjet printers are not usually designed to do high volume print jobs. And if they’re not using the ink cartridge every day, they tend to dry up quickly.

The pros to using a laser printer would be, one the print cartridge is much lower in cost. Secondly the ability to use the printer in a high volume print area. And third would be the ability to produce fine quality text documents
in the office environment.

The cons to using a laser printer can be be the initial startup price to purchase a laser printer. Secondly the ability to
print on different media where you’re limited to using paper only. And lastly the inability to print high quality, color laser prints on a laser printer.

In summary, inkjet printers low upfront cost to purchase, high cost to replace the ink cartridge, but great when you’re
trying to do quality images.

Laser printers, higher upfront cost to purchase, but has a very low consumable cost replacement, and works best in high volume industries.

Some technical features of HP deskjet 1112 printer

Printer Type – Inkjet;
Functionality – Single Function (Print only) ;
Printer Output – Colour
Connectivity – USB
Pages per minute – 7.5 (Black & White), 5.5 (Colour) ; Cost per page – ₹4.8 (Black & White), ₹6.6 (Colour) – As per ISO standards

Ideal usage – Home & Small Office, Low usage ( less than 100 pages per month)
Page size supported – A4, B5, A6, DL envelope ;
Duplex Print – Manual ;
Print resolution – Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized DPI (Colour), Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered DPI (Black)

Compatible Ink Cartridge – HP 803 Tri-Color & Black Original Ink Cartridges ;
Page Yield – ~190 pages (Black & White) – ISO standards, Get 1 black & 1 tri-color basis cartridge with the printer
Duty Cycle (Maximum monthly recommended prints) – Up to 1,000 pages per month

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