The Best Epson Eco Tank Printers

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The Best Epson Eco Tank Printers

Review of two best printers for office use from Epson Eco Tank Printers now these are brand new printers with a fantastic USP in the eco tank series there’s actually five in the range the two I’m going to be bringing for you today are the ET 2550 and also the ET 4550 both with the great eco tank facility but both with a slightly different feature set and aimed at slightly different groups of individuals now the main USP with this is this Epson eco tank system and what that means is that you can say goodbye to print cartridges forever.

Now print cartridges contain a fair bit of technology they’re not just a bit of plastic with inking so they do tend to be reasonably expensive to replace and the longevity of them doesn’t ever seem to be particularly great as well with this new series of printers from

Epson they have ridiculous longevity in terms of printing up to eleven thousand pages of printing which is absolutely ridiculous and they’re all based around a higher capacity ink tank system now included in the box you get all of the ink that you would require and they come in the form of bottles and I’ll come on so exactly how you fill them up how you replace them everything a little bit later on

this first up is one of the printers this is Det a 45 50 this is the slightly higher one in the range which gives you a whole bunch of functionality now both of these print at about 33 pages per minute in terms of maximum they’ve both got a 1200 dpi scanner and they both have a whole bunch of other functionality

make sure you open the printer up and take all of the tape out from the inside from the bottom from the sides and once you’ve done that it’s time to start filling up the ink now like I say this is very different to anything else that is out there on the marketplace today because it comes in this ink bottle form now the 4550 actually comes with to lots of ink bottle

one set of bottles is labeled initial bottle and these are obviously the initial bottles that you’re going to use and then the others are a backup for when these begin to run out and it’s important that you keep an eye on the tanks on the side of the printer to make sure that you don’t allow them to completely run dry now these bottles come completely vacuum sealed so there’s no worries about them leaking in the box or anything like that and

it’s very simple to fill the tanks up on the right hand side of the unit you simply lift up the flag and then underneath it gives you all of the details as to all four tanks in terms of the colors that they’re going to use now on top of the tanks are some little rubber grommets and caps you simply take those off place them on the holding system and then it’s time to actually get into the inks themselves now what you do is on the top of the bottles you simply crack off the top and this actually becomes the cap a little bit later on it’s very easy to do

you don’t have to put a huge amount of energy into it in order to crack these top bits off but it’s a very important part of the stage so please do make sure you do it now once you’ve done that you simply 1:1 the top pull off the little foil seal which is again another little protection barrier to stop them from leaking turn them upside down and place them into the actual tanks themselves and begin to fill them up now the liquid will not come out of the containers without you adding some pressure so it’s important that you squeeze them but please do not squeeze them overly hard or it will potentially spray up now

if you do have an accident with these bottles I will put a little note in here there is full details on the back say if you get this stuff in your mouth or if you get this on your hands but if you’re careful and you go about it very decently and follow the instructions exactly as they tell you you can do this in an extremely clean manner with no upsets whatsoever

now once you’ve done this it’s a simple case of taking the rubber tops back off of their little holding compartments and putting them back on top of the tanks once that’s done you’re ready to get it into the right position and plug it in and get yourself ready to print now when you’re moving the printer once you’ve filled it up please be careful to keep it level don’t let it go an angle or there is the potential that you could have a slight leakage

so here we go these are the two printers that I’ve been testing like I say to easy 25 50 and the 80 45 50 and let’s start off with the 80 45 50 and take a little bit of a cruise around the hardware itself and see what we get included now first up this does have the full ability to do print and also copy and scan now you’ve got full access to the internals as well if you ever get a breakage or some kind of jam up for example although I’ve been using these for a while

I’ve had none whatsoever now in the 4550 we’ve also got a try at the bottom which gives us the ability to put any kind of size that we want in there at all whether they are photo sizes or if they’re a four or letter sizes all makes no difference and then on the right hand side we’ve got our tanks with a double size black tank now on the front we’ve got a very comprehensive input system we’ve got the power button we’ve got a screen we’ve also got navigation buttons with home back and

we’ve also got a dial pad as well now this also does fax so if you do want to plug this into a phone line you can send and receive faxes with this unit round on the back we’ve got all of the connectivity we’ve got a 10 stroke 100 megabits per second LAN port we’ve also got USB as well we’ve got a line input for a phone and also an extension as well for an additional phone to come out of the back of it once we’ve got this plugged into the socket so we don’t have to take up an entire phone port just for the usage of fax again round on the back we’ve got full access so if we do get any kind of Jam ups we can easily get access to them and pull the paper out and clear it up now on the top

This has got a really nice feature this has got a full document feeder so what this means is that if we’ve got a whole bunch of documents that we want to copy it’s very very simple indeed we can simply place the documents on the top it will feed them all through one by one and take copies of them at the same time the et 4550 is going to be great for your home this or your small business or even your medium business as well you’ve got full ability to do copying facts the sheet feeder on the top of these gray and it can also do double sided printing as well so you’re not going to have to waste a huge amount of paper when you’re printing or when you’re doing copying in addition to that you’ve got that double size black so with most day-to-day printing being black and white only you’re not going to constantly need to go out and refresh that black ink cartridge

now the 22 set up Wi-Fi is extremely easy using the screen on the front of both printers and also the navigation buttons as well it detects your home networks you put in your key and instantly it’s joined for great wireless printing now onto the ET 2550 and this is definitely aimed at a different kind of user you could without doubt still use this in a home office or a small business but this one really aimed more towards your home consumer type user and

I’ll come on to the reason for that very very shortly now this one again fully functional it’s got a great set of controls on the front of it and also includes that all-important color LCD screen as well now the element that’s really focused toward the home user is the addition of a card reader so this is an SD card reader so most people when they take photos on an actual camera for example they are all going directly to an SD card you can place that in a slot you can see them clearly on that all-important color LCD screen on the front you can decide exactly which ones you want to print exactly how you want to print them and you can go straight ahead hit that print ban and they’re going to come straight out in incredible quality on the exact paper that you’ve defined during that print job now the quality of the ET 2550 absolutely fantastic for color printing

if you’re printing normal day-to-day kind of websites or basic information out to standard paper it really does come out in fantastic form in addition to that if you want to print directly to photographic paper you can get the most fantastic results without the worry that you’re going to be going through expensive ink all of the time and having to constantly replace cartridges now as you can see the print jobs themselves really are of the highest quality and you’re going to have no disappointment with that whatsoever that goes again for the ET 4550 the quality being absolutely fantastic and also with the efficiency of the double-sided printing as well make both of these printers a really great option now

I’ve got to say I am in love with this eco tank system the quality of the print jobs is fantastic the price that you’re going to pay for these printers is ever so slightly more than the reduced price of normal printers because they are made up for by the price of the cartridge but they printing from these he’s going to last you a long long time you’re going to find yourself never having to replace the ink anywhere near as much as you would do on a normal cartridge system and the ink is going to save you a lot of money because it’s very very cheap somewhere in the region of about eight to nine pounds a bottle

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