Why the Epson Ink tank better than other printers?

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Why the Epson Ink tank better than other printers

The Epson Ink tank ET 2550 when you lift up the lid on this side you won’t find the traditional inkjet cartridges that most printers used in the offices printing but instead the eco tank series comes with a set of ink and bottles that you empty yourself into a large refillable reservoir.

now you’re probably wondering about the benefits of this new ink delivery system and here’s the thing each bottle that comes with this printer has enough ink to print about four thousand pages of black ink and 6500 pages of color and that equates to about the same as a two-year supply the catch though is that Epson wants you to pay a lot more upfront for the printer itself the ET 2550 is the cheapest in the eco tank line and it cost 399 bucks

so basically Epson is asking you to commit yourself to this printer for as long as it takes to offset the high retail price but if you can stick with that the benefit is that after two years you can pick up a new set of ink bottles for super cheap it’s only 13 bucks for each bottle and that’s about fifty-two dollars for the set

let’s compare that to a non eco tank Epson printer that costs 50 bucks retail but the cartridges only last 175 pages and refills cost 40 bucks for a full set aside from the eco tank the rest of the unit is pretty typical of a hundred dollar printer it has print scan and copy functionality and even though there’s no touchscreen

you can walk up to an unplugged in an SD card from your digital camera for direct photo prints better still it can connect to a Wi-Fi network to pull print jobs from the cloud not to mention Epson own mobile app for outputting stuff off your smart phone so who is this printer really good for well you can save a lot of money potentially on ink cartridges refills here

but you’ll have to wait until you exceed the cost of the retail price first which will probably take a few years and if you don’t need a lot of extra features and don’t mind keeping this printer around for a while it really could be worth your dollar

I want to talk today about an infuriating issue printer ink we’ve all had that moment of frustration when the printer can’t or won’t eke out one last page before it begs for ink so how much would you pay for a printer that doesn’t run out of ink it’s not limitless but Epsons new eco tank printer ships with about 20 times the ink that comes with a typical printer that’s enough to print 4,000 black-and-white pages and 6,500 beautiful color ones when the day comes at the ink does run dry the replacement ink is relatively cheap and you get a lot of it

Epson doesn’t have to make money on eco tank ink because it makes money on eco tank printers the eco tank has the potential to run for years without pestering you when it arrives you just fill these tanks with ink and then watch the levels slowly drop this baby cost $400 for 100 you can buy a nearly identical Epson model without the huge ink reservoir

let’s do the math for the standard Epson printer you pay $100 replacing all four ink cartridges with Epson ink tank costs around 38 bucks but you have to buy 19 fresh sets to get to the amount that just comes with the Eco tank printer now you’re out eight hundred and twenty-two dollars by comparison the four hundred dollar eco tank printer is a steal but only if you play by Epson’s rules the equation changes when you buy unauthorized ink and why not even on reputable sites like Amazon and Walmart bootleg ink shows up as the top search result seven sets of easy inks extra-large cartridges which hold about as much as 20 regular Epson cartridges will only set you back about 70 bucks

so the standard Epson printer costs $100 but it’s only $70 for the bootleg ink that’s 170 bucks but you still have to change a cartridge every time one runs dry and in my experience off-brand cartridges mean occasional Quality Assurance issues printouts may not be up to par and sometimes the cartridges just don’t work if that’s not a deal-breaker and you don’t mind changing cartridges all the time then stay on the cheek but if the life without printer ink hassles is worth a little more than 200 extra dollars to you then it’s time to check out Epsons new eco tank printers


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